Not a PR, Not Even Close

But still a fabulous weekend! 🙂 I didn’t go into the race with as much passion and fire as I had intended and I used all my energy up in the first two miles and was pooped by the last mile – check out my ridiculous splits if you don’t believe me:

Mile 1: 7:58
Mile 2: 7:56
At this point, I think to myself, “I’ve got this!!”
Mile 3.1: 9:10

Yikes. Dropped the ball on that last mile. What can I say, I gave up mentally and physically and it didn’t help that I was not trained on hills. All my speed work has been on flat surfaces (where’s your head at, Meghan?!). Ah well, still did well (25:59) and am still happy about that time. It’s much faster than I was 5 months ago and I’ll just have to work harder the next time I shoot for such an ambitious goal. I do want to say that I took some of y’alls advice from Friday, especially yours, Caitlin. I tried not to look at my Garmin except for when each mile passed, and I think that helped  me a lot! Thanks to everyone, though, for their encouragement! This is why I LOVE blogging!!! Now let’s all be best friends forever and ever! K, thanks. 🙂


It wasn’t even my fastest 5K I’ve ever done (24:55), but alas, just means I’ll have to sign up for another 5K. Hmmm….


The boyfriend and I had fun at this race and thought it was really well set up. The energy was great and it supported a local elementary school. I started really close up front to help me with my pace and I have NEVER started that close, ever.


You can barely tell where the start was, but I’m not far behind it. What was behind me, though, were a ton of people!


It was fabulous and thankfully, not too hot. I raced with my pal below and tried my hardest to keep up with him! He’s speedy and beat me by a solid 20-30 seconds and set a PR. One year ago at this race, he raced in 33 minutes. This year, he took 8 FULL minutes off. Amazing what hard work and dedication to a sport will do.


I look exhausted, because, well, I was. I thought I was going to be sick after this race, which I know means I kicked butt.

The rest of my weekend was spent relaxing and enjoying the nasty storms that came through Atlanta. I meant to make a recipe that Leslee at Her Happy Balance and I have been drooling over (hint – it involves copious amounts of cookie butter) but I find that when the weather is gross, I’m lazy. I at least got a few rounds of fetch in with The Senator (who is currently under the knife at a doggy hospital for a somewhat routine procedure – but still, send good thoughts please!).


That stick is bigger than him, for the record. He’s in love.


How was your weekend?

When it storms, what’s your favorite thing to do?

What’s your best racing moment?


32 thoughts on “Not a PR, Not Even Close

  1. Congrats!! that’s an awesome time!!! PR-shmee-R. pr’s may be a cool thing to hit, but they don’t give the whole story anyways. Those first two miles at 7:56 were a-MAZ-ing. I’d be celebrating with a parade if I ran not just one but two miles IN A ROW that quickly. Also I love your race outfit, that blue tank is super cute! My favorite thing to do when it storms is to sleep, so the fact that you did something awake is really productive in my book 🙂 Happy monday speedy lady!!

    • Thanks so much!! I am usually hard on myself, but this time around, eh, I agree, I was proud of my first two miles! 🙂 Haha, right? Sleep on rainy days is all that’s needed.

  2. Oh my gosh those are really speedy miles! Darn hills! Still proud of you girl!!! When it’s stormy(which it has been all weekend in UT too) I’m pretty lazy too. I just wanna be in sweats all day! I need to make some banana bread today while it’s stormy=)

    • Ha, seriously, now to just get all three miles that speedy…
      Yeah, what’s with this storm stuff? No thanks. Uh, yum, banana bread!? Such a good idea.

  3. As I learned this weekend, PRs are not totally necessary to have a successful race. You did good, lady. You kicked serious butt!

  4. I didn’t have a great race either but you know what, that’s okay. I’m realizing that every time you get out there you learn something new. Who cares if it isn’t a PR? Not all of them will be and it’s the experience that matters. I run like you do where my first 2 miles are way faster and then I’m dead at the end. It happens, still a great job 🙂

    • I read about your race and seeing as how I totally admire your running style, your recap gave me some warm fuzzy feelings knowing I wasn’t alone. I am loving the positive attitude, regardless! Thank you so much lovely!!

  5. Congrats — that’s an awesome time, PR or no! Your splits are damn impressive, too; I’ve never even approached splits like that, so I’m cheering for you from afar. 🙂 And really, I’m of the opinion that not every race needs to include a PR. Some will be harder than others, for a bajillion different reasons: weather, the course itself, how you’re feeling, how much sleep you got, yadda yadda yadda…you can’t control all those factors, so what’s important is that you worked hard, got a good workout, and had fun. 🙂 You kicked butt, as far as I’m concerned! 🙂

    • Thank you girl!! Haha! I was trying way too hard right out of the gate, note to self for next time. You’re so right, I just wasn’t feeling it AND the hills killed me! Next time… Thank you!!

  6. wooohooo congrats on an awesome race, PR or not! you ROCK! if you haven’t before i think you should do a work-out clothes post because i always love what you wear.

    • Haha, thanks girl. that’s so sweet!! maybe i’ll gather my energy and do a fashion show one day for you guys!

  7. OMG the Senator and that small tree trunk! Hahaha he is freakin’ adorable! Even your dog pushes the limits and goes for a ginormous “stick” like you pushed through that 5k! You will have soooo many other 5k’s to bring in a new PR. Those first two miles though! Wowza, you were fast 🙂 Yay, Meg!

    I NEED more cookie butter. It has become something I can no longer go without. I ALSO meant to pick some up this weekend and make that recipe! But with all the Target and grocery shopping I was unable to drag my boyfriend to one more store. Why can’t boys love perusing aisle after aisle of health food/ random crap like us?! Le sigh.

    Happy Monday, girlfrannn! ❤ (I less than 3 you haha)

    • Ha, seriously, he’s insane. I wish I could depict the ridiculousness that ensued with that game of fetch – followed by an immediate bath, his least favorite activity. Thanks Lesleeeeee, I tried really hard but just couldn’t swing it this time. Maybe next time, we’ll see.

      I just re-upped on my cookie butter this weekend with the intent of making that recipe. Instead, I just ate some with a spoon. What can ya do?? Girlfrannnnn when I fakecation with you we can spend endless hours doing those kinds of activities, it’s a promise. Less than three you pretty thangggg!

  8. 😦 poor pup! Even routine things can be the pits for active doggies, so Penny and I are sending some definite positive vibes your (and the Senators) way! As someone working towards that 30:00/minute 5K, I think you totally kicked butt at this weekend’s race. And as long as you feel like you worked your butt off, then that’s all you can do and there’s always another race out there to run, right 😀

    Trust: we bloggers love you back just as much, girl!

    • Thank you!!!! I know he’ll be just fine, and I’m looking forward to a mellow pup this evening, I hope. 🙂
      Yes lady, I’m waiting to read all about your race!!! I can’t wait to hear how it went, I’m sure, amazingly! Yep, that’s the beauty of being a runner – endless opportunities to improve, in every way. So, no matter what, I’ll just keep trying and getting better!
      ❤ ❤

  9. I think you did great! I hate 5k races because they make me feel sick afterwards too lol…the weather was pretty crummy here too and still kinda is. I am hopeful that this upcoming weekend will be beautiful though!

    • Thank you lovely. I am not quite a fan, I don’t think, I prefer distance where I can pace myself. Me too, I’ll be at the beach this weekend! Woooo!

  10. Nice job on the race! Still a great time even if it wasn’t a PR…I hate when the mental games come into play…I can totally psych myself out sometimes- it’s irritating.
    My favorite thing to do when it’s storming is definitely just curling up on the couch with blankets and movies…and probably wine 🙂

    • Thank you. Yes, I totally psyched myself out after the first two miles. Oh well, next time. Ooo, wine would have made yesterday perfect!!! Dangggg it!

  11. Girlfriend – you are fast!!! I’ll congratulate you on finishing another awesome race :). We had a sleepy weekend over here getting used to the time change. Loved all the storms – I always sleep better when it’s raining.

    • Haha! Why thank you!!! I can imagine that’ll take some time to switch back over, but when you are, be ready for a meet up with yours truly for some good ol’ running! YAY!

  12. Ahh thanks for the shout out, girl! I’m glad it helped slightly, and I hear you about those hills…I always whine about running on them (when I get brave enough to do so), but my overall pace dropped a full 12 seconds between miles 11 and 13.1 in my half…those last two miles were all uphill haha. Now when I run, I can’t get away from hills, which sucks…but I know will make me a stronger runner in the long run. I think you kicked butt in your race, girl, (seriously, I can’t imagine starting out that fast…it takes my legs a few miles to warm up which is why I like distance running), and I can’t wait to see what you sign up for next 😉

  13. Uh, you are so much speedier than me – well done!! Glad you’re not getting too upset about it because it sounds like you had fun and you’re right, there’s always next time!

  14. That is still an awesome time hun, great job!
    When it’s stormy, all I want to do is curl up on the couch, drink hot chocolate, and watch reality tv(real housewives preferably!) Can not wait to see this cookie butter recipe!
    P.S. how do you manage to still look so gorgeous after a race?! I want your tips 🙂

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