Talk About a PR

I’m really nervous and have a lot going on today but wanted to get some quick  perspective from you guys today.

I sign up for 5K’s to enjoy them, not to race them. Well, tomorrow, that’s about to change. I’ve set a hefty PR goal of 24 minutes for a 5K and I’m getting those nerves in my stomach already. I never really race for time but I have an itch to do so and am just going to do it.



I’m going to have to keep remembering that when it feels like I can’t keep going, because I know I can. I’m a strong runner, I just rarely run for time and am hoping that the speed work I’ve been trying to do is going to pay off. If not, I’ve got the next 5K, right? Ugh, but I want this time NOW! 🙂 I went to hot/Bikram yoga (which, by the way, was one of the hardest classes I’ve done there! aghh!) last night and am taking today off in order to feel adequately rested for the race (which I never do for a 5K!).


Based on its name, I think I’ll be able to get the time I want, I mean I’ll be bolting!! The course is relatively flat, but again, if not, I’ll be OK, right???? If you want to find out if I made it tomorrow or not, just go ahead and follow me on Instagram. I’m going to become besties with my Garmin tomorrow morning at 8 am. Luck. Luck. Luck.

Any advice on speed?

What do you do when you don’t hit a PR/goal that you wanted to?

What are you doing this weekend?


P.S. Happy Freaking FRIDAY!

30 thoughts on “Talk About a PR

  1. Good luck tomorrow! You will kill the PR! I wish I could break 24 minutes for a 5K. If i set a goal or want to break a PR and don’t, I have learned not to get discouraged because that doesn’t solve anything. I just tell myself, next time I will just work harder and be happy with whatever the outcome is. Will be thinking of you!

  2. You are going to be great! The atmosphere of being in a race will help a lot and keep you pumped up. And worst case scenario. .. you ran 3.2 miles, which is good for your health and mind… No matter what the speed. Good luck!

    • Thank you lady! I think so too – the atmosphere always proves to help me go faster. I’m planning on starting up front and staying up front. Thank you!!!

  3. 1. happy freaking friday to you too chica!! 2. as much as i’m a lost cause for speed now, i DID run track in high school and my race was the mile and i was quite quick. Here’s my advice- split the race into quarters mentally. Put a slow-ish song as number 1 on your race mix because the first half should be your slowest. (let the first quarter be your 2nd slowest, and the 2nd quarter be your slowest.. just let yourself get into it) you should feel relatively good by half way so you’ll naturally want to get faster when you hit the half, and then for the last quarter run as fast as you physically can. i have no idea if that’s actually the way you’re supposed to do it, but that was my strategy and it lead to a PR of 5:55 for the mile. I’m so psyched you’re going for time, you’re going to do so great!! GOOD LUCK!!!

    • That’s a really good idea. I was thinking about doing a warm up mile with that in my mind – to just get warmed up and let it be slow. We’ll see. That’s a heck of a 1 mile PR lady!

  4. Good luck!!!!! I’m sure you will hit your PR and if not who cares!? You are doing something good for you and that’s all that matters!

    • Thanks lady! You are one of my fastest blogger friends so I’m hoping to get like you guys! At least for a 5k!! 🙂 Enjoy the weekend

  5. Go, Meghan, go! You have totally got this 🙂 I’m predicting major 5k PR success! I will be stalking the crap out of your Instagram (as per my usual) and cannot wait to see some pics! Unfortunately, I have no advice for you on speed as I am a turtle when it comes to running 🙂 I recently read a Runner’s World article about how the brain is responsible for a lot of your running success. If you know mentally that you can and will do it, then by george you shall! Sorry for the grandma talk, it’s Friday and it has been an incredibly long week. Have fun resting today 🙂 You know what goes good on rest days? Margaritas and things with cheese. Then again, those things are great on ALL days 😉 Happy weekend, beautiful bloggy buddy!

    • Aw thanks Lesleeeeeeeeeeee pretteeeeeeeeeeeeee! I made that rhyme. I hope I can PR like crazy, seriously. Haha, by George, Leslee, I think we are just soul mates. Granny chatter is the only kind of chatter. Gee golly gosh, I know I’m right! I’m going to be ALL about some margs and cheese post race, don’t you worry. What’s the earliest I can start drinking tomorrow without raising any red flags? Haha! I’m thinking 10 am….

  6. Whenever you set a goal for yourself, it is not the pinnacle point of achievement after which all else is “downhill.” Rather, it is but a stepping stone on your path of fitness and wellness. You have NOTHING to be nervous about because

    a. you will probably not only meet but beat that time and
    b. even if you don’t you can always try again (if at first you don’t succeed. . . .)

    So get out of your head, get into some cute running gear and GO GIRL!

    • Mollz you’re the best. this is the exact wisdom that calmed my nerves for the marathon. unfortunately, i’m wanting this PR so badly!! i shall keep you posted.

  7. I get just as nervous for races, for me, I know my nerves will come in handy. They are what keep my legs going and getting a good time. Just let your legs move, let them do what they want the first mile or so, and keep them going at that pace 🙂 That’s what I do at least lol. You got this 🙂 Happy Friday!!

  8. Wow, what a goal – I’m so impressed and I know you’re going to rock it!! I can’t wait to hear all about this run, take tons of pictures, relax and just picture yourself BOLTING through that course!

    Oh and bikram seems way too “doing yoga outside in the middle of humid Houston” for me… aka, crazy! 🙂

    • Haha, thank you girl! It’s a pretty zealous goal, but what else do I have to do with a Saturday morning? Dude, Bikram is ridic in the summer. IDK if I’ll do it this summer. It was cooler outside (in the 85 degree weather) than it was in the room. Yikes.

  9. Good luck tomorrow, love!! You can totally do this 🙂 My advice, though? Don’t look at the clock during the race. Just put everything you have into the run and let the time take care of itself…I know when I start actually watching time, I get into a huge mental battle and end up going way slower and feeling awful. When I just let go and let it happen, it does….every time. So I would say, don’t look at the watch if you (maybe don’t even bring it or put in a place like a tank or sports bra strap so you can’t see it till the end). Either way, you CAN do this 🙂

    • thank you pretty caitlin! i hope so! that’s good advice, i’m just hoping i can find a happy medium between checking constantly and not knowing at all. maybe every mile marker or something. ❤ have a great weekend!

  10. Good Luck! If your nervous that means you’re ready, go out comfortably fast and the energy will take you in. 🙂

  11. Good luck lady! Just do what you do best and run. Don’t concentrate on the time, your body knows what to do! And have fun, if you don’t pr this one, there’s always the next one :- )

  12. You’re going to do SO amazing, Meghan! The Rave Run last night went AMAZING and, like you suggested, I really just went slow and focused on having an amazing time with my family, and it was perfect. So thanks for that advice! And let me just say that I think that, if you want to run for time and that’s REALLY what you want, then just keep that thought and only that thought in your head. Take a deep breath, start slow, and when your legs burn just say “it’s all for that 24:00 minutes” Can’t wait to hear how it goes! 🙂

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