Love Like Crazy

Yay for today being Thursday. Can I get a holler for one more workday and it’s the weekend???!!! I’ll save the rest of my complaining for tomorrow about how long of a work week this has been and it’s not even over. Sheesh.

Last night I leashed up The Senator for a run and though I was not feeling 100% inspired, something changed along the way. I felt powerful in spite of the terribly hot weather (the 80’s, and nice and humid for added pleasure) and I changed my route to incorporate more mileage. I tuned out of what was happening around me and just enjoyed running with the dog and myself. I had no tasks to accomplish, no goals set, nothing. While I wasn’t technically doing Olive to Run’s Run Free for Me Challenge, I was doing something in between that. Man, it felt great. 🙂


Oh, yeah, and I wore one of my favorite running outfits to help encourage myself!


It was brutal but it was successful. All negative splits, too. Chelsea at Little One Runs posted about a run this week where her legs were just not having it but she told herself the sooner you get home, the sooner you’re finished. I channeled some of that power to whip it into gear for my last mile. I just wanted to be home and cozy up with some Parks and Recreation! Such a bum….

Here’s some love from me to all of you on this wonderful day.


I blindly signed up to receive these emails from the Universe and some of them just hit the nail on the head for me, like this one today does. Lately I have been appreciating more people and things around me and have been filled with love for everyone and everything. I know it sounds ridiculous, but being surrounded by things that make me happy, challenge me in positive ways and encourage me makes me feel something warm inside. So, love like crazy and maybe you’ll feel A OK. Like the Universe says, works for me!

Do outfits influence your workouts?

Who/What is one thing you have been loving lately?


37 thoughts on “Love Like Crazy

  1. Ah i love that quote! It’s so TRUE. its so easy to let a little negativity creep in, and then suddenly it takes over your whole outlook. Love everyone and everything- especially things you think you hate- because if you can do that, amazing things will happen. also – i LOVE the running outfit! That green is spectacular and the shorts are amazing. i want workout clothes like that!!

    • So deep, dear Charlotte! Love it! Thanks lady, as per your blog post today (we are on the same wave lately!) real clothes make me feel like I’m ready for a good workout. 🙂

  2. First time reading your blog.. hello! I love your running shorts! And I get those emails from The Universe too 😉 what a great email this morning.

  3. Outfits definitely influence my workouts. Like, if I’m wearing high heels and a dress, there’s less of a chance I will work out. Mwhahahahaha. (Excuse me, I’m hyper.) Things that I love lately: Jerm, my new apartment in **Midtown (not downtown), Cuh and Cuh time, and Water. HAPPY THURSDAY!! (:

  4. love your outfit! and whoa i need to get on the universe mailing list. love that quote! i also think it will make me smile and/or smirk to see e-mails from “the universe” in my inbox. so glad you had a great run! also everytime i read your blog i think about how much i love that you call your dog “the senator” oh and also i think (dream) about how we’d all be great friends in real life.

    • sign up for those emails! some times they are not all that great but then days like today are the best! um, clearly if you were in ATL, we would already be real life friends! duhhhh! haha! the senator loves it too, he thinks he’s fancy. 🙂

  5. YES! Outfits can make a difference – it’s just like how wearing a suit can make you feel more put together. My favorite running outfits really make me feel “like a real runner”. I think I need to go shopping for more running gear…. 🙂

    • totally agree!!! running gear shopping has become my favorite thing to do. those designers know what they’re doing!

  6. Hi, new reader here! Your outfit is so fun, and I agree that outfits can really help! I have the same Garmin as you btw! And way to go, thinking positive thoughts to get done. Too often I find that my mind is the one telling me I can’t when my legs and lungs are totally ok. Ok, maybe not my lungs – why is breathing and running so hard for me!? :p

    • thank you for finding the blog! dude that garmin is the best best!!!! hahaha girlfriend my lungs are on the verge of jumping out of my chest every time i run. i tell them to simmer down and proceed with proper breathing habits and they usually listen. usually. 🙂

  7. Workout outfits make a huge difference for me, too — between being uber-comfy and looking cute, it puts an extra spring in my step. 🙂

    I also LOVE Notes from the Universe. Aren’t they fabulous?! There are days when they hit the nail on the head for me, too. Have an awesome day!

    • Same here! That’s how I justify swiping my credit card… it’s good for my health! I think I actually signed up because of you, so thanks!!! You too my pretty!!!

  8. Dearest Meghan, Question: does holding a dog leash while running make your arm tired? This may be a ridiculous question, but I am dog-less and know nothing. Sometimes I feel like the most tired part of my body during a run is my arms. They feel heavy and do not want to swing at all! moving on..yes workout clothes influence runs. I am a firm believer in if you look the part, you will be more motivated to act the part! Love that you matched your tee to the edge on your shorts. You are just too cute 🙂 One more dayyyyyy, then we are freeee! We will make it!!! Have a great and hopefully fast Thursday workday! And, Hi Bek and the senator!

    • Hello Meghan’s OTHER bff. . . . (lol)

      Holding the dog leash does not make your arm tired. In fact, it can make you work harder because the dog (lets be honest The Senator) can pull you and he makes you run harderbetterfasterstronger. Unless the dog (Crazy Senator) is being a spazz (chasing a squirrel, running after a motorcycle, etc.) in which case the run becomes more difficult. Dogs make great running buddies (in general)!

      (Please excuse the extraneous use of parenthesis in this comment)

    • Haha, I see that my IRL bestie took it upon herself to respond, and I must confess, she is on point. Sometimes, The Senator is actually pulling ME up the hills (thanks diggity dog!!). << too much? likely.

      I am thrilled that it's thursday! I hope yours is wonderful my bloggy besty! Haha, and side note – the ONE time I let Mollie (artwithmsK) take Jack's leash, she couldn't handle it and he ended up chasing a squirrel and catching it and let's just say the squirrel won that fight. never again……

  9. I can not express how happy I am for you!! Sometimes not worry about how far or how fast we are going are the best runs! I’m loving my life right now. Surprisingly lol I’ve finally figured out what I’m doing with my life and enjoying the time off I have right now 🙂

    • thank you my dear! 🙂 🙂 you were a great help!!! LOL! that’s awesome – that’s the best feeling in the world to have that figured out. good for you!!

    • Haaaaa!!!!!!!! Yeah, dogs are so difficult to run with.
      Um, really? Were you actually okay? Is it safe to laugh at me picturing this or was it serious? Haha!

      • Oh it was a site. I half screeched and half yelped “MOOOLLLY!” as “dove” into the bushes. As I tried desperately to get out of the bush while looking as normal as possible, I replayed the senario in my head and start giggling. You definitely have my permission to laugh…I did. 😀

  10. Meghan I didn’t know you are homies with The Universe. Please tell it to call me back I have left like a million messages. Maybe Universe doesn’t check voicemail????

    • I shall work on letting The Universe know… Sometimes the voice mail gets so full, so maybe that’s the problem?

  11. Good for you for pushing through it! Outfits totally effect my run. If I’m wearing something I don’t like that much, I am not too happy and kinda just want the run to be over. It’s a little ridiculous really. haha

  12. Way to go! I hate pushing it in the heat. And yes, outfits totally affect my workouts. When I feel good about my outfit, I tend to run better.

  13. Oh, man, this post brought out ALL THE FEELS. One, I love those shorts. If I had them, I’d run every day because of the bionic awesome-strength I’m sure they give. Two, double points for any run that happens when it’s hot. Triple points if it’s August. Third, that’s the most amazing universe email ever. I want to get that tattooed on my body or something its so amazing. And so simple. Love like crazy. 😀

  14. I’m with you girl, with a favorite outfit on i feel so much more invigorated to workout and it just helps my spirits! Love that quote too. Lately I’ve been loving my daily emails with my Mom. Because of the time difference it’s difficult to Skype often, so she leaves me emails or texts most days that I’ll wake up to. They make my day!

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