Getting Speedy

Um, I know this is how I started yesterday, but seriously, the weather. Total amore! I started my run with this view and these skies:


And ended with this view and these skies:


I really couldn’t be any happier with this ATL weather. ❤ ❤ Anyway, on to more important things – the run was a one way trip from my place to my friend’s place and that is always my favorite type of route. I wound up with some decent splits (though none of them were negative, sadly) and was pleased with how I finished.


And it didn’t hurt to end my run with this face, either:


Then we went to the gym to workout and I did a mini circuit but was still itching to run (who am I?!?!?!) and with a view like this on the treadmill, is anyone blaming me for sticking with it? A gym at the top of a high rise in downtown Atlanta? Where can I sign up!? Such motivation.


I did a mile for speed and it felt great. 🙂 So, I made my daily total 5 miles, WOO! Afterward, I went out with the man and some friends for a battle of the bands at an Irish pub, Ri Ra. The restaurant was fancy, so naturally, I showed up in workout clothes. I also kept things classy and was the only one who didn’t shower after working out; I was the smelly friend. Oh well.


My camera flash blinded Jeremy. Sorry, man.


The bands were wonderful and it was a wonderful way to spend a Tuesday night. I have the best friends and best man in the whole world!

What do you prefer, loop runs or one way runs?

Do you need to shower immediately after a workout?

Live and local music: love it or don’t care? I normally don’t care too much, but this was such a fun time! 🙂


17 thoughts on “Getting Speedy

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever done a one way run, help me fix this?! I have a confession, I actually only started running outside consistently this year. I had this really strange mentality that treadmill running was better because you could watch TV and allow the machine to pace you. I was essentially stupid. Outdoor runs are the wayyyyy to go! So now that I’ve rambled, I guess i’ll say loop runs? Only because they’re the only ones I’ve ever done….

    And I am gross and also the smelly friend because I have no desire to shower after night workouts. I just want to cool down and enjoy the rest of the night with an aura of success (aka smelling like sweat). But I have to shower after morning workouts! I can’t go the whole day being disgusting…just a few hours 😉

    I WANT YOUR VIEWS WHILE RUNNING. Instead I just end up looking at the houses of suburbia…which is fine…but I want high-rise city views!

  2. I love that you went out all smelly- I do that all the time! So, I definitely don’t need to shower right after working out 🙂
    I prefer loop runs (I just hate the actual turning around process- it messes up my running flow. haha)

  3. oh my gosh today i wrote about how I don’t shower after working out sometimes either! lol i knew i loved you guys for a reason!! and this is my favorite sentence: “The restaurant was fancy, so naturally, I showed up in workout clothes” YES. i do that all the time.

  4. I run 1-mile loops (to stay close to home) during the weekdays and do an out and back for my long runs on Sundays. Sometimes I get crazy with my runs and try a whole different route to mix things up a bit!

  5. A gym at the top of a high rise in downtown Atlanta? **Ahem – A gym at the top of a high rise in Midtown* Atlanta. LOL!! I always enjoy reading your blog, Meghan. You are so inspiring!!! You motivate me to be a better person and to be healthier.Thank you!

  6. Nice time!!! I like loop runs, only because I HAVE to shower when I’m done. I use to be able to go all day without it (I’d reapply deodorant, and the guys I hang out with don’t care lol) but now I will only feel human again after my shower. Eh, don’t care for it.

  7. I’m soooo glad to know I’m not the only one who carries on with normal life after a workout — I figure that as long as I change clothes and spritz some perfume, I can get away with delaying a shower. That’s only if I work out in the evenings, though; if I get my sweat on before work, then the shower is a must. 🙂 Have an awesome day!

  8. Sometimes I shower right after and sometimes I don’t mind be gross! And I love live music! Love the pic of you and your man (:

  9. Hahaha I hate showering. So much. I USUALLY do it right after I workout while the water is boiling for dinner or something but sometimes I’ll wait for hours until my roommate gives me a hard time.

  10. Now that is a lovely run 🙂 I don’t know that i’ve ever done a one way run now that i think about….pretty sure I’ve only ever done out and backs or loops….something to remedy soon 🙂 I rarely shower right after I’m done working out, esp on the weekends haha. I’ll wait for 2-3 hours usually, which I’m sure Joe loves but I’m also over that 😛

  11. Those views are beautiful! And I have to shower after a workout, especially in the heat, because I sweat buckets. In the winter, I can get away with it. Kinda…

  12. Loop runs are the best, I think it’s because I like having a half way point and then it’s comforting to know once you’ve turned around you’re headed home. It’s a mind thing for me! I sweat sooo much so normally I need to shower immediately after. Sometimes if I’m running errands or something, I can get away with cleansing wipes for the time being. Sounds like you had a great night, live bands are so fun!

  13. That weather DOES look gorgeous, I can see why you are in love!!!

    I definitely like showering right after a workout. This is also why I prefer working out in the mornings, so then I can shower and start my day.

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