Run While You Can.

I want to just express my LOVE of the weather Atlanta has had lately (by that I mean yesterday & today). Seriously. I have never been happier to be on a run than when the weather is this perfect. Ugh, I wish it would stay this way forever, I promise I wouldn’t get  bored! Who’s with me? No one? Ok, that’s cool. We don’t know each other IRL so you’re forgiven. 🙂 I went for an amazing run last night! I started off telling myself I wanted to do a 10K but that I’d be content with a 5K, too, and just kind of listen to how my body felt. I found this mantra on Pinterest and I couldn’t help but keep repeating it when I got home from work. Sometimes working out is the last thing on my mind on a Monday night but this gave me some food for thought:


I can’t imagine a day when I can no longer run, for whatever reason, so while I’m good and well you better believe I’ll be out there doing what I love! I leashed up The Senator and took a selfie and got going!


My body was rocking and rolling, apparently!


I was SO happy with that time and with how I felt the entire time. I mean, I had some help from The Senator and some fabulous music, like this song! I promise I don’t go to raves and fist pump but sometimes a beat like this is needed to keep up a great pace! I’ll take it.



After that much needed endorphin high, I hung out with Mollie and hit up the grocery store. Inspired by Parks and Recreation’s Chris Traeger, I bought some radishes for my salads this week! They are so weird but they taste so unique and bring such a good flavor to my otherwise dull salads that I eat every darn day!


Anyone have any good uses for these suckers other than sliced and diced for a salad topping? 😉

What’s your favorite temperature to run in?

What’s some motivation that gets you working out?

GIVE ME ALL YOUR RADISH IDEAS! 🙂 I will love you forever.


39 thoughts on “Run While You Can.

  1. I am so proud of myself for realizing what “IRL” means! I am rather behind in the times, is this a common abbreviation? I am adding it to my list of slang along with g2g and ttyl haha, remember those on AOL AIM chat? Come on, I know you do 🙂 YAY for your AWESOME 10K, you are my run motivator! I love seeing that you did a run, it’s a kick in my butt that I should be getting out there too! As for radishes, I am weird and really like them in a juice (do you juice?) or I saw that Hannah at CleanEatingVeggieGirl had a recipe to make chips out of them too. Maybe you could slice them up and make very healthy and fancy sandwiches? Add some sprouts and one of those hoity toity cheeses and you’ll be the envy of all your coworkers 😉 Also, high five for the Chris Traeger reference! Let’s add watching a P&R marathon to our list of fakecation activities! Happy Tuesday, beautiful running Meghan!!

    • Haha, I saw it on another blog and spent too long figuring out what it was and assumed it was a popular acronym. I suppose it’s not if you don’t know about it! Ughh #fail of mine! Yes those were the best and so was AIM. I miss those days… Sigh… Aww aren’t you so sweet!

      Girl. I was stalking your Instagram and I saw you were juicing some stuff a few months ago. I need your advice ASAP on that juicing thing because I’m so down to try it. I like your fancy sandwich idea in the mean time… Hmmm.. Yes to P&R non stop all day and all night!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Honestly, I have no idea what to do with radishes but Im sure the amazing ladies that comment on this blog will know exactly what to do with them 🙂 Music is always the best motivator to get me to work out. sometimes i wont even have a workout planned but ill be listening to music and just be like: this song would be better if i was running to it. i love running in hot weather!!

  3. It’s been so hot the last 2 days in Denver, the thought of running is not happening! My favorite running weather is actually really cold (like 15 degrees 🙂 )

  4. Awesome mile pace!! Just inspired me to do my speedwork today! I can’t eat radishes, they taste so funny to me lol. I usually just think to myself, I’ve never regretted going for a run, why would I now?? I love the 60’s and 70’s for my weather 🙂

  5. This is so awesome, girl! I love the idea of taking FULL advantage of every day, not just where running is concerned, but in general. You never know when suddenly you won’t be able to do something you love doing (imagine never being able to, I don’t know, read a book again? hug someone you love? go for a run? eat a cheeseburger?) and it just makes it that much more important to do the things we do and to really try and absorb those activities while we’re doing them!

    Sometimes I think it’s not only vital to run, but to turn everything off and to run and just experience the feeling of running, of a body strong enough to move and a mind strong enough to push that body. Not all the time or anything (I think I’d die if I had to do all my runs forever without music/TV/entertainment in general) but even just taking a breath while you’re running to tune and just realize…you’re doing this. You. In your body, as it is. You’re doing it. 😀 GREAT post, and this may be WAY to creepy and personal without knowing you IRL, but I really like that flower bra you’re wearing underneath your run shirt. It’s really cute 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more with your perspective. It’s such a useful thing to keep in mind – you never know when something won’t be possible anymore for any reason. I love relishing in most moments as I grow older because I value my memories so much more lately. Some runs I’ll have that feeling that is just overwhelming in the best possible way – I’ll tell myself, “Wow, girl, you’re on mile XX and you’re killing it.” And it hits me with a huge wave of energy and motivation.. 🙂

      Haha, not creepy at all. Thank you! It’s from Old Navy years and years ago and it’s my favorite! I actually wore it for my marathon because it’s my good luck sports bra. 🙂

      • And THAT is why I love Old Navy! Because every time I see someone wearing something cute, they tell me it’s from Old Navy! Which means I can find it 🙂 in, like, five colors lol

  6. That’s such a great mantra. It’s so true- the day I can’t run anymore is not going to be fun for anyone. When you think of it like that, it’s definitely a big motivator to get you out the door!

  7. Great job on the run! What app were you using? it looks really cool! I have made pickled radishes before they turned out good. My favorite temp for running is mid 40’s to low 50’s. The heat lately has been reaching the triple digits, it has been really hard on my running even though I try to get out there earlier.

    • Thanks! I used the Nike app on my phone – I just got it to switch it up between that and my Garmin. I like my Garmin, but I like not seeing my pace on my wrist from time to time and just focusing more on running. TRIPLE DIGIT HEAT?! Absolutely not. Never a good idea. Wow.

    • YAY glad you like it!! i found this new thing (maybe i’m behind the times) called fit radio and it has so much house music but it’s been a huge motivation lately! 🙂 maybe it’ll help toothless run faster 😉

  8. Cute running shorts, as always 🙂 I love that quote, it’s so fitting! Whenever I need motivation, I read inspirational quotes. It helps! I’ve read that roasted radishes are delicious…i’ve seen it on a few blogs!

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