The Electric Run is the MOST FUN

You guys. This was the best 5K I’ve ever done. Seriously. From start to finish, the entire experience was enjoyable (with a few hiccups) and I had the most fun I’ve ever had at a race! Held at the same venue as the Color Run we all did a month or so ago, we were paranoid we’d have the same awful experience with a round trip total time of 4, yes FOUR, hours of traffic. Fortunately, this was a flawless event with no logistical errors. Yipee! Here’s a slew of pictures to enjoy! (Night time picture taking is hard.)


The crew!



^^ Mollie’s fancy bling!


Even the water stations were awesome.


War makeup! I let a guy do mine and I can’t complain – he did good!


We were supposed to make ‘myspace’ faces. Fail. What is MySpace??? 🙂

Here comes the fun black light stuff.


The backdrop for pictures was so cool!


So much fun and so many shenanigans. The overall vibe of the race was very unique. I’ve never been in a race quite like this before and it was BY FAR my favorite 5K to date.

Now, I would like to mention, this is not a 5K where you race for time. In fact, it wasn’t even timed!! That made it easier for me (mentally) to stop and take pictures and really enjoy the scenery they had set up. Seriously, there was so much attention to detail along this course and every single step I took impressed me more and more.

For crying out loud, there was a tunnel with lights, loud music and a bubble machine that we ran through. Really, does it get cooler than that for a 5K? No. Don’t try and compete with this series, it’ll knock your socks off! Take that Color Run (not worth the money at all!).

Here are the course pictures, beginning with the start line.



So much energy! The first of two problems for me came at this point when a girl lit up a freaking cigarette and started smoking! Girlfriend, we are at the start of a 5K, what’s going through your head? When Mollie asked her what she was thinking, she replied with this: “Sorry, I’m not from here.”

Um. Really? Are you from a place where smoking at the start of race is appropriate? Is that anywhere on planet Earth? Anywhere at all? Mk, thanks girl.


Tons of trees with these lanterns and tons of different colors.


Umbrellas in trees?


Umbrellas in a thingy?


Big tube tunnels!


That changed colors! The second of the two problems came about halfway through when we were running on uneven gravel and I almost rolled my ankle – no good! So I guess at night, the course should be a little more safe, but it was no big deal.

And tons of music along the course (the good, motivational, fist pumping kind)!



There were several tunnels to run through with lots of flashing lights and other stimulus. It was the most fun race I’ve ever done, and I’ll keep on saying so until something outshines this outstanding event.

Sign up for it if it ever comes to you. It’s totally pricey but I thought that all the effort put into the event makes it fully worthwhile. Really. I know all you beautiful people who follow me on Instagram got tired of all my pictures, but I was just so happy. This race has my full stamp of approval for eternity.

Other fun weekend events included getting my nails did and…


…going out to dinner for Mother’s Day. 🙂


Manicotti. Need I describe how good this was? You may feel the need to be jealous, it’s okay, cheese brings out the worst in people!


Has anyone ever smoked a cigarette before a race?! WTF!

How was your race this weekend if you had one? Tell me about it!

What do you like to do with your family when you guys get together?


36 thoughts on “The Electric Run is the MOST FUN

  1. Ahh I’m so jealous, I want to do an electric run!! It looks like the ultimate fun race. I’m so glad you took so many pictures, it looks like the best time! And I love your dress in the mothers day photo! You guys all look so pretty in that pic!

    And LOL- “myspace faces” hahaha thats the awesomest photo theme ever.

    • Haha, that photo theme came outta left field from one of our friends… say whaaa?? we’re all mid to latter 20’s. um myspace?! no.

    • YES! And glow paint and anything glow like and beautiful! I can’t wait to read about yours so I can re live it. so much fun!!!

  2. I have always been interested in those electric runs and color runs, they always look like so much fun! I am afraid I would trip over something and injure myself. I think I will just stick to regular 5k races. Thankfully, no one has ever lit up a cigarette before a race.

    • Yeah, it’s a risk for sure doing ‘theme’ 5K’s but it’s fun to split up the real ones with these silly ones! 🙂 Thankfully is right, I about smacked the girl down. gross.

  3. HAAAA “i’m not from here!” wait, so they had people there to do your make-up? i’m befuddled. glad you took so many pics & that you had a fun time. were the lights like strobe lights? i don’t know why i have such weird questions. anyway. i think it is supposed to be coming near me. i want to do it!

    • ha, one of the guys I was with did my make up, not the race people. hahaha!! befuddled. cute! there were tons of strobe lights, so if that isn’t your thing, stay away. 🙂 it was so much cooler than the color run if you ask me!

  4. OMG, that looks incredibly fun! I’ve done a few 5K’s before, but doing a fun one like this seems waaaaaaay better than the typical 5K. It’s awesome that you did this and had such an awesome time!

    And, um, WTF was up with the chick busting out a pre-race cigarette? I like her response to your friend’s question, too — as if not being from here is a totally legit explanation for her behavior. *Smacks forehead*

    • NO KIDDING!!!! Dude, not an excuse at all!! We were all like is this a joke?! Is this really happening? haha foolish. the race may have looked like a rave but that doesn’t mean it was one.

  5. oh my gosh those tunnels and all the lights look so freaking cool! I would totally do this race if there is one in UT(I think I actually just missed it). Next year! Glad you had a good Mother’s day with your mom! So sad that someone was smoking=(

    • definitely encouraged! especially with some friends, and just for fun, only! 🙂 yeah it was a bummer and it made no sense at all!!

    • haha among the several of us, we get email marketing all the time and pick and choose. 🙂 i always use to look things up, i’m sure you have something similar too. try it out! Themed races are the best.

  6. Now I really want to do one of these!!! I’ve never seen someone “light up” before a race…..they can’t be a serious runner can they?? My family and I hung out in the heat lol not sure why we did. I guess we love nature??

    • i’m gonna be arrogant and say DEF not a real runner. i saw your pics, loved em! the heat is the best, if you ask me….

    • ahhhh me too! i’m trying to get bolder with my clothing this season and this race kicked off some good inspiration!

  7. Ahhh this looks like a blast! I’m so sad now that there’s not one of these by me 😦 i’d do it in a heartbeat just for the bling and non timed fun aspect alone! Oh and now I’m demanding lasagne sometime within the next week because that manicotti made my mouth water 😛

    • yes it was such a fun time! 🙂 i know, i looked at that picture as i posted this morning and wanted to rewind to last night. melted cheese is the best. yay if you & joe make some i expect blog pics!

  8. SO COOL. I need to give you major props for using the word “stimulus” in a blog post! You are the smartest of all smarty pants-es with a great vocabulary 🙂 The electric run looks like a blast! So glad it was worth the money and that traffic wasn’t awful! Did they give out all the cool glow stuff? Or did you you guys hit up the rave store beforehand? haha! Any run where decorating your face is encouraged has my name written all over it. You and Mollie and crew look adorable…and your shorts light up really well with black lights 🙂 Also, you, your mom, and I am assuming sister? are all beautiful! And look so similar! Your striped dress is a success, as is the manicotti! And smoking a cigarette before a race is atrocious. The smell grosses me out! That woman was clearly a wackadoodle! Oh well, hope you’re having a marvelous Monday!! 😀
    ❤ your blog soulmate

    • hehe lucky for me, mollie had all the glow stuff under control. all i did was show up! whoops! i’m bad at being creative with these things. 🙂 you’re so sweet! this is why we’re besties – that is my mama and my sister! she was a total wackadoodle (by the way, when i saw this on your blog for the first time in my life, i knew it was going to be a wonderful relationship. this word rocks!).

  9. AHHHHHHH I WANT TO DO ONE OF THESE SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!! You have completely convinced me it needs to happen. Oh. my. lanta. I’m literally like jumping up and down haha that cheese manicotti has me drooling over the keyboard. it puts the apple I was just eating as a snack to shame. Love me some cheesy pasta. I’m pretty sure I eat some form of it 2-3 days a week, minimum.

    • LOL!!!! Suck it up and pay the price tag because it is definitely awesome and you need to do it so i can live vicariously through you!!! hahaha i feel the same way when i read blogs with food pictures and i’m eating something boring. cheesy pasta = runners fuel!! soooo good!

  10. Omg how fun!?! That sounds like the best race ever!! ANd I actually had a friend who would smoke while running. She is a wreck though so it wasn’t really surprising

    • that’s insane. i just can’t imagine lol! i mean i used to smoke but now being a runner i couldn’t fathom… sheesh!

  11. that race looks so awesome! I would totally love to do one- running at night is pretty sweet 🙂
    smoking anytime is ridiculous, but smoking before a race like that is completely absurd!

  12. Ah! I love this post times approximately one thousand!!!

    Mostly because I’m SO excited/nervous about running that electric run with Mark/my family this Friday, and while I’ve looked at the pictures on the race website approximately a million times, it’s even better to hear about a race that sounds pretty darn similar from a blog friend who actually ran it! I love the run skirt your friend is wearing in that black light picture, and it’s inspired me to hit up the dollar store/Party America to make sure that we’re all pimped out in the classiest electric run party wear.

    Glad you weekend was amazing 🙂

  13. OMG that girl lighting a cig at the start line. I would cry.

    And I definitely just read about these races in Runner’s World, and I kind of want to do one. It looks like so much fun!

  14. I did a mother’s day 5k this weekend but your race looks 100x better than that! You girls are adorable! I also love your nails and dinner dress for mother’s day, so pretty!

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