Do You Run With Your Mouth Open?

Never have I been more aware of the sad fact that I do.

Bugs, bugs EVERYWHERE! I almost ate 4 of them on last night’s run before I started to consciously close my mouth (which was hard because it was so hot!). Ugh. And this isn’t even counting my run last Sunday when a bug flew in my eye and hung out for about 2 miles in my eyelashes.

These bugs have no respect of my personal space. Rude.

Anyway, I shall be making a serious effort to work on closing my mouth while outdoors this summer. Being a vegetarian (ish) and all, eating bugs would be a disaster for my system. <<< Uh, really? No, I think we’d all be ok.


The Senator seems to have a problem with my whining. I haven’t checked in here for a few days, so I’ll just recap some runs this week and call it a FRIDAY! I had some fabulous runs this week and am really happy about how my body feels!

Tuesday I had a great time because the weather was perfect.


Then I had yummy lettuce wrap tacos with my lovely friends. I used black beans, sharp cheddar, salsa and olives. So good yet so simple!20130507_201022

Wednesday I ran with my boyfriend and it wasn’t my best, but it still didn’t feel bad.

Because of the beautiful Blonde Hair Blue Eyed Runner’s Pro Compression giveaway, I decided to dust off my old compression socks for the run. They aren’t the best and I want to give the Pro Compression a fair chance before I dismiss the idea of compression altogether.


I still ended up with a decent average pace, 9:05 for four miles.

And to last night. Sheesh. The BUGS. I almost just gave up because there were SO many flying in my face and mouth. Oh yes, and Atlanta weather is finally starting to heat up and it was HOT last night. I still got in 4 miles but it was at a much slower pace, about 9:17 (at least all negative splits though!) Can you guess the theme of my run last night?

PicMonkey Collage

Apparently I wrote it out for you. ALL BLUE E’RRRRRYYYYTHHHANNNNGG! I’m hyper, forgive me. The Senator loves running with me (I think) but he was TUCKERED last night. Like, pretty bad. Poor creature. If you follow me on Instagram (DO IT!) then you already saw a cute picture of him but here’s one more just in case:


I love it when he’s tired because it means he mellows out for the evening. I’m a good Mama Bear. 🙂cHSqp


Happy Freaking Friday! Woo!

Oh yes, much like Leslee over at Her Happy Balance, I too am running a race this weekend! It’s called the Electric Run because it’s at night and it’s all lit up and glow-y and stuff! Full report will follow because I have high expectations for the price tag that came along with this baby.


Do you run with your mouth open or closed? EXPLAIN!

What’s your favorite go to easy dinner?

Anything wonderful happening this weekend with you?


33 thoughts on “Do You Run With Your Mouth Open?

  1. i’ve heard about the electric run! sounds like a great time. can’t wait to read zee recap. good luck! also nothing to say about the bugs but LOL and that’s awful. bugs really are the worst. i keep hearing about the cicadas that are uber-annoying and are expected to make their return sometime in next few weeks. ugh.

    • zeeee recap shall be zeeee best in zeeeee world! dude cicadas are by far the most annoyingly belligerent bugs. thanks for the reminder! hahaha.

  2. I usually run with my mouth open, but I have had a few bugs fly in my mouth on occasion. yuck! I have just recently heard about those electric runs, they sound interesting. they probably start past my bedtime for me. Have fun and let us know how it went!

    • yes! this was my first time experiencing that and i was unhappy to say the least. i will definitely post in detail my experiences! ❤

  3. Haha! i run with my mouth open. heck i do most things with my mouth open, and i have a horrible habit of sticking my tongue out slightly over my upper lip when im doing anything that requires even the smallest amount of concentration. class act over here. that electric run looks so fun! favorite easy dinner- ordering in pizza. absolutely nothing is up with me this weekend, although i do need to re-up on summer dresses so maybe i;ll do that this weekend. happy friday y’all!!

    • hahahahahah you are quite the comedian, like every sentence out of your mouth has some sort of wit and humor. i love reading everything you type. 🙂 you are truly a class act! the run looks fun for sure and i can’t recall why, 3-4 months ago, i agreed to spend over $50 on a 5K but hopefully it’s worth it. 🙂 you too pretty lady!

  4. Girl my mouth is always open. Funny story the other morning I woke up to Levi’s finger down my throat choking me (I sleep with my mouth open) and my hubby sitting there laughing..RUDE! And I am already over the bugs- can’t stand it!!

    • HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!! i can just picture that being so funny (probably not to you!) jeez! RUDE is right! 🙂 Love that story!! Yes, bugs = the worst and grossest in the south. bleh.

  5. I WANT TO DO THE ELECTRIC RUN!!!!! I’m seriously considering doing the one in DC next fall! I just don’t want to pay for it since it’s so expensive but it seems awesome!!

    • i can’t even begin to understand why 3-4 months ago i was feeling like $55 for a 5K was worth it… so here’s hoping the experience is worth the cost tomorrow! 🙂 i’ll let you know if it’s worth it (though the swag bag has already been pretty cool with light up glasses and bracelets and a retro Tshirt… so good start already!).

  6. Always got my mouth hanging opening, otherwise it’s a little harder to breathe lol. Can’t wait to hear about that race!! I keep seeing ads for it, been wondering how good it really is. Go to dinner, simple salad with some veggies on the side, super quick to make and always easy on my stomach. Nothing too exciting for me, just working with a recipe for a new smoothie 🙂

    • yeah, seriously! i just hate that bugs can just zoom right in though! yes i shall confirm or deny the electric run’s cool factor soon next week! YAY for new smoothies! can’t wait to read about that! the weather is finally permitting such delicious treats like smoothies!

  7. Haha I run with my mouth partially open. Otherwise, I tend to clench my jaw and it gets sore for a while after! Little bugs fly in, but I try to spit them out. Not totally sure if I’ve swallowed them…

    • lol!! that’s what i’m scared of! did i eat one?! did i get rid of it?! ugh! though, it does make me run faster when i’m so concentrated on whether i ate a bug or not… haha!! i’d rather have this happen than any of those tricky dog situations though! 🙂 Have a fab weekend!

  8. Hahahaha i have no idea if i do or not but you better believe i’m paying attention tomorrow morning to see if i do 😛 have a blast at your race! I got an email about this series awhile back but none are offered close to me 😦

    • don’t worry, it’s also outrageously expensive too, so that’s a good deterrent! have fun on your run tomorrow – hopefully no getting lost!

    • Ha!! You are spot on with that!! I will go into detail about (since it was so pricey) but the swag is already super awesome (glow glasses & bracelets and a retro style T shirt).

    • 🙂 🙂 You’re the best!!! Ha! I don’t like the ones I have, but I really want to try some other ones. Mine are some generic crap things and I am not digging them whatsoever. Did you really? BAH! I hate it!! Between that and dodging those silk worms hanging in the middle of the air I’ve about had it with outdoor running this season. Ha!

  9. You are legitimately the sweetest blogger on the planet! I love how you help promote other bloggers on your site by mentioning what their posts have in common with yours. I need to do that more. And PLEASE do a ginormous, amazing recap on the Electric Run. They have one in Philly and I didn’t sign up because I’d rather run morning races…but more because I wasn’t sure if it was worth it. It looks mega cool…so I eagerly await your recap 🙂 And I have that Nike dri-fit tank but mines black…so when you visit we can wear ours together and run and look like a bruise (black and blue) get it? I am a nard 🙂 Anyway, please don’t eat any more bugs. I will have to consider that an obstacle in my runs now…I will avoid, avoid, avoid! Have a great weekend, beautiful bigger!

    • Your comment makes me smile so big!!! Really! Ah! I will definitely do a fabulous recap in your honor and dedication. Girl, I can’t remember why I signed up because I got a reminder the other day of how much it cost and immediately asked myself why I thought that it was reasonable ($55). Um, NO to that. YAY I love that we have matching tops (not surprising, either!). Yes we shall parade around looking like one big bruise together and ROCK IT. You too and good luck on Sunday!! Wooo!

  10. loving the blue missy, adorable! I love matching work-out clothes 🙂 I never knew it, but I think I run with my mouth open…because I have had a few bugs come WAY to close to my mouth while running lately. It’s the worst!

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