Mollie and Meghan’s Magnificent and Magical Monday Night of Fun

That’s really giving ourselves too much credit. It should be more like, “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!” The weather is horrible in Atlanta lately and it prevented us from going outside to run. Bummer. But, once again, I am glad we were both together to hold each other accountable and still get in a good workout.

I am convinced,  now, that interval treadmill workouts are the only way I can power through a treadmill workout. I forgot about the towel method you guys always talk about so until I put my brain back in my head, I have to find other things to combat treadmill boredom.

Treadmill Interval

I was dripping afterward but I loved the fact that I got in a 5K indoors – never something I typically enjoy. Then Mollie and I did a quick little circuit to add some excitement to our workout.

Mollie n Meghan workout

Also, I need a life and love Pic Monkey WAY too much.

We had tons of fun smashing this workout to the ground!


Check out how sweaty I was (my back, my hair, my neckline, etc. I don’t understand why I sweat so much more than almost anyone I workout with. Anyone have any insight?


And to celebrate seis de Mayo, we went out for some delicious Mexican (it’s Mollie and Meghan’s Magnificent and Magical and Mexican Night of Fun now!). Such a fun night with such a good workout. Those are just simply the best.

Why am I sweating so much? You needn’t be a doctor to respond.

What’d you do last night? Anything nearly as exciting as playing with Pic Monkey after a workout?

****Also, stay tuned tomorrow for a story about Mollie ^^ one of my best friends. It is pretty much the most inspiring thing ever and you won’t want to miss it!! ****


33 thoughts on “Mollie and Meghan’s Magnificent and Magical Monday Night of Fun

  1. Hahaha love this. What a fun night! That’s a great circuit. I sweat like a 350lb man. it’s so embarrassing on the treadmill at the gym. i mean, it’s not like i spray sweat onto the abutting treadmills or anything, but it’s still ridiculous.

    • that’s the best way of putting, i sweat like a 350lb man. yep! i actually use the cleaning wipes to do real cleaning when i’m at the gym, not just because everyone would judge me if i didn’t wipe the machines down!

    • i didn’t know i could do it til i tried it this weekend and was like whoa! i feel like i’m going to fall off the edge sometimes though (hence only doing it for about 1 minute)!!!

  2. I would look the same if I wore anything other than tank tops, seriously I wear them in the winter too……I’m honestly too afraid of workouts like the one you did, kind of reminds me of HIIT. And those are horribly hard in my opinion lol. Maybe your just really hydrated?

    • this HIIT thing… i’m going to have to look into that. yeah, i need workout gear other than a victoria’s secret pink t shirt. lol.

  3. What a great workout (even though it was indoors). I get sooooo bored on the treadmill so I usually watch Netflix on my phone. Lately its been Doctor Who but at the end of May I will be thrilled to watch the new season of Arrested Development. I find it easier to run indoors when I have something to focus on.

    Last night was great I worked out at the gym with my homie and then we went to Mexican food.


  4. Bhahahaha! I LOVE this! You guys should probably quit all your other jobs and just work forever at being professional titlers, or the people who give names to events and things – I don’t really know if that’s a job, but if so you guys would definitely be the best at it!

    I absolutely know what you mean about breaking things up on the treadmill. I’m just now hitting about four miles regularly, and its getting even more boring than usual – even with good TV or a great book, that’s just too long running in one place 🙂

    • Haha, professional title giving girl? Sounds like a huge pay increase is in my future! Four miles on the treadmill? Regularly!?! Dannnngggg girl. I’m not sure I can make it that long. It kills me. So true. Do you run outside ever?

      • I do! But not as nearly as I run on the treadmill :/ Mostly because lately the weather has been the pits, but also because I live in a really hilly area so sometimes, if I’m looking to do pacing or hit certain markers, it can be hard to do outside because my pace gets thrown off. Or that’s a load of crap and it’s just harder and I like it less 🙂 but with spring/summer FINALLY here, and a selection of paths near by, I’m SO looking forward to hitting some actual pavement 🙂

  5. I would die trying to do that treadmill work out. I am jogging at 4 and running at 4.5. If you cranked it up to 10 I would be catapulted off that baby like a I was being shot out a canon LOL!!! Damn short legs. 😉

  6. How do you make those cool workout graphic things? I’ve seen things like it on other blogs but I’ve been wondering forever!! Working out with friends is always the best. It goes by so much faster that way!

      it’s the best and addicting and you’ve been warned. don’t go there unless you have copious amounts of time to play and create. i love it so much! and yes, i agree, buddy system = accountability, for me at least. 🙂

  7. I’m loving the Pic Monkey Workouts…you go crazy with the graphics until your hearts content 🙂 And I’m totally a sweaty gross mess too when working out. Occasionally I take a thermogenic, so sometimes I can blame the sweat on that….but mostly I think I’m just a sweaty Betty. Back sweat is essentially equivalent to workout success. You know you rocked it at the gym when you’re drenched. It’s fun that you have been getting to workout with Mollie. You can be each other’s drill sergeants! And bless your heart for getting in a 5k on the treadmill. Ever since the weathers been nice around here I am struggling to use that thing…but I also don’t like running alone all that much. I don’t have any great trails mapped out yet, so when the boyfriend doesn’t want to run and wants to lift I have to suck it up and hop on the dreadmill. Hope your weather brightens up soon 🙂

    • Haha, I really do. Every picture has TONS of ‘layers’ on them. Haha, I couldn’t agree more about the back sweat. Nowadays, if I don’t sweat, I’m all, “Did I really even just workout??” I loatheeee the treadmill so much and the only way I can deal with it is by breaking it up like I did. Yuck. Haha, thanks lady, me too!

  8. Oh that circuit looks good! I’ll have to give that a try later in the week 🙂 My Monday night involved wolfing down some steak fajitas before going to see Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert tell chef/cooking stories at a theater downtown…my anniversary gift to the boy, who loves Anthony….it was really funny and cool to hear their stories 🙂

    • i think you might be on to something – i’m getting faster in my outdoor runs as i incorporate speed work on the treadmill…

    • LOL!!! My legs get super itchy during an outdoor run. It’s gross because I’ll go to town scratching and ummm, it looks like I’ve been attacked! HA!

  9. I have the SAME problem with sweating, always had. My dad insists it’s genetic – from him, since my mom doesn’t sweat practically at all.

    I don’t think I could do that interval workout in my wildest dreams, but I’ll have to give that circuit workout a try sometime soon!

    And last night I went for a pretty awesome run. PRed my 1K, ran 3.5 miles total.

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