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With no real intent other than to be held accountable for the choices we made, Rebekah and I started this blog. It’s grown over the past few months since we’ve started and I am so grateful for all the amazing people I’ve come to follow and learn about.

No joke. I have learned so much – from recipes to workouts to how to make better choices, blogs have changed my life. Circuit workouts? What were those? PB Fingers introduced me to new ways of working out. Hungry Runner Girl inspired me to want to run my very first half marathon. Run Eat Repeat keeps me running with her impressive consistency. Skinny Runner reminds me that some people are just amazing runners. Overall, I’m so happy to have discovered blogging and found enough passion to begin my own blog, shared of course with a best friend who has just as much excitement about healthy living as I do.

I say all this to tell you guys thank you for sharing your workouts, your kitchen concoctions, your lives, your opinions and your experiences. Without everyone out there sharing and growing, I would not be as active/healthy/happy as I am now. 🙂

Happy Friday!

I shall now share a dish that I made last night, inspired by Run Eat Repeat. I had been craving Asian flavors and this hit the spot. I just mixed together peanut butter + sriracha sauce (addicted to that stuff) and threw it in a pan with bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage, one scrambled egg and onions. Yummy. I wasn’t planning on sharing but it turned out so deliciously that I had to.


Crap picture, I know. That’s what happens when I don’t intend on sharing my foodies, I don’t make it all pretty like! 🙂

Also, after doing a boat load of laundry, I realized I am obsessed with one particular workout item: Nike shorts. I love the Tempos, but really, Nike shorts in general really rev my engine!


Give them to me! All colors, all sizes (really, I can wear a S, M, or L in these bad boys). What’s even better about them is that I can justify buying them in excess because they help me workout better, right?? That’s what my excuse is, at least.


Anyway, this post has been about as random as I feel today. Friday and organization do not go well together for me.

What kinds of blogs do you love reading everyday?

What’s the best thing you’ve learned from the blog community?

What do you prefer – running in shorts, capris or pants? I hate anything except shorts. I can’t explain this phenomenon.


29 thoughts on “Blogger Inspiration

  1. Good post! I have learned so much from all the blogs I read on a daily basis. I may have a bit of an addiction to reading blogs, I have it completely under control, I promise 🙂 I was actually inspired to start my own blog after following several of them and realizing that it would be fun to have my own and I am glad I did! I run in shorts, capris, and pants, it just depends all the temperature outside. For races I always wear my nike shorts, no matter the temperature.

    • I am totally addicted to blog reading also – you are NOT alone! 🙂 I check in and get email updates. I think it’s under control?? Ha!

  2. All the blogs you mentioned are the same ones that got me into blogging and I love reading and being inspired by them. And of course the rest of the running blogging community I’ve been opened too. Those shorts are cute! I love tempo shorts but can only wear small, the larger sizes flash my whole bum, I was not endowed with lovely lady bumps or humps=(

    • That’s awesome! Ya, PBFingers was the first blog I ever found and she has inspired me nearly everyday. It’s awesome stuff! Haha, I have enough lady bumps for the both of us, I got ya!! 🙂

  3. I actually just bought my first pair of Nike shorts! I got them in teal, which is a change since all my bottoms are black, and I tend to stick with spandex. As for my favorite bottoms, I have a pair of black capris that I LOVE. I need to get more!

    • Congrats! I say so because Nike shorts are the best and it’s a big first step toward obsession! 🙂 Teal sounds cute. I used to be the exact same but lately i can’t resist all these fun colors!

  4. It’s crazy how much I’ve learned from the blogverse. Like, yogurt bowls. So simple, but I probably would have never thought of it, let alone the many combinations. Or work-outs and workout jargon like “PR” and “HIIT”. I especially love how supportive the community is!

    • Haha, totally agree!! The jargon!! Dude, PR’s, negative splits, circuit, heck, a burpee? What?? 🙂 Love it too!! Everyone is the BEST.

  5. My dearest Meghan,
    The blogging world truly is so much fun! I knew nothing about it’s existence and just took a chance and dived in. You “meet” so many wonderful people that you’d probably never get the chance to meet otherwise. I feel like I “know” you now haha and without your blog I’d never get that opportunity 🙂 So thank YOU for blogging, yay!

    Your blog bestie ❤

    P.S. I am definitely trying this sriracha/peanut butter concoction! It's great considering those are about the only things left in the fridge right now…besides the lonely jar of pickles 🙂

    • My Dearest, Sweetest Leslee,
      You are so sweet! I love it! I couldn’t agree more. You’re the first ‘stranger’ (stranger danger!!) who commented on our blog and continually supported it. I found a lot of bloggers through YOU so thank YOU for being you and blogging. Enjoy your pickle, sriracha and peanut butter snack this afternoon. 🙂 Sounds just like my fridge!
      Your Sweetest, Dearest Meghan

  6. Yes! It really is amazing everything I’ve learned from the blog world since starting my blog in march. i also find myself so much more positive and motivated about everything because the blogging community is SO supportive. that’s been one of my favorite things about it. And even if im indoors on the treadmill and therefore the temperature is the same, I am a pants runner in the winter, capri runner in the summer. those shorts are super cute though, now i want a pair.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    • It’s true – I agree completely! Embarrassingly enough, I sometimes am working out and thinking, “Gee, I can’t wait to share this workout with everyone!” Lame? NO! Awesome? Yes. This capri thing seems to be trendy. I need to investigate. You too beautiful lady!

  7. Janae’s blog is the first one I read every morning. I love the blog world and she is the first one I ever found almost 3 years ago now! Crazy how time flies. I didn’t start my own until last October so it’s only been a few months but I’ve met some really amazing people and been inspired by hundreds. It really is such a great community in so many ways- sure, it can have its downsides, but everything does. Also, digging those nike tempos. I have so many pairs, but I never seem to have enough!

    • I love Janae’s voice in her blog. She is just too darn adorable and awesome and so inspiring when it comes to a good life balance. Wow, I never would have guessed your bloggy blog was young! Your blog is so well put together and you have so many people who love you and comment! That’s so cool!! Thanks love, I’m the same way. Every time I’m inside a Nike outlet I stock up like a mad woman!

  8. I started blogging in March and, since then, I feel like I’ve met more people who I have more in common with than in my “real life” (I don’t know a lot of runners IRL, lol). This is the first time I’m commenting here, but I’ve read ALL your posts (creepy much, lol) since Charlotte nominated you guys for the Liebster and I think you two are the bee’s knees and this is one of the blogs I read first and foremost every day! Mad props to you ladies, to blogging in general, and to all the great community out there 😀

    • Aw. This is truly so nice to hear. Really. I’m smiling so big right now. You are the very best! And to follow suit, I’m on my way to stalk, wait, read your posts! 🙂 I couldn’t agree more though, while I know a few runners IRL, I love logging on and seeing what everyone else is doing to stay motivated. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend my dear!

    • So good! Now if only I had your photography and creativity, I could have produced a much better looking (and probably tasting) dish! 🙂

  9. I love to run in capri leggings because then my thunder thighs don’t chafe. However, I do love the Nike shorts they are really fun and bright! I wish the Art Education Blogosphere was as supportive, friendly, and cooperative as this group is! I love reading the comments on here because they are full of ideas and positivity. 🙂

    • Whatever mollz. I know you lourvens your Old Navy capris! 🙂 Yes, the environment here is the very best in the whole wide world! 🙂

  10. I read such a wide range of blogs: fitness, fashion, food, mommy..All of them! And I love Nike tempo too! I wear mine way too much. And I love you have learned so much from blogging- I feel the exact same way!

    • Aw, mommy blogs! So cute! Yay for Nike tempos! I want to have a giveaway… But if I buy a pair to giveaway I’ll likely keep them, ha! We shall see.

  11. I love your blog, I think it’s unique and great to have two of you sharing on it, and it’s so cool that you’re besties and can motivate each other with healthy choices, workouts, etc. Keep up the great work 🙂 I’ve been reading healthy living blogs for a couple of years now and I really enjoy gaining new recipe ideas, workout ideas, and just “meeting” people! Hope you girls have a great weekend. And p.s. I love your shorts!

  12. I LOVE blogging about fitness/health/exercise. There’s nothing better than getting the motivation to go out and kick some ass by hearing how awesome other people are being, except maybe learning about all of the cool things out there that I’ve never heard of – products, exercises, recipes, you name it! It’s also wonderful to have people to talk to about this stuff that I love so much, since I get shy when I work out and don’t have many friends to do it with regularly.

    Thanks for the awesome recs too! 😉

    I’m incredibly jealous of your shorts. I love running in capris or pants, but I just can’t do shorts because my thighs chafe. 😦 Maybe someday it won’t be a problem anymore, but until then, I’m sticking to my pants.

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