This Morning Workout Thing…

Is the best. I L-O-V-E having my workout over before my day really gets started. I credit the girl Bek for making getting up before the sun rises an enjoyable experience. This morning, we repeated the workout from earlier this week that was 1,000 reps but switched out the push ups for burpees because we are ambitious like that.


Notice the push ups resurfacing after half the workout? Yeah, I was a little overzealous thinking I could do 100 burpees this morning. Gross. No. The roomie/bestie/co-bloggie girl rocked it out though!


Rock out those burpees, girl.

When I say that I was sweating more than I have in a while, I am not exaggerating. It was bizarre. Proof:


That was after only half of it. What the heck? I guess it was good this morning. Glad the apartment gym provides some serious alcohol wipes. Yucky.


After everyone left me such endearing comments from yesterday’s post, I took the night off from working out. I realized I hadn’t taken a rest day in about 10 days and that’s too long of back to back working out. So, Bek and I went grocery shopping after enjoying some mimosas orange juice on the way to Trader Joe’s.


We never said we kept things classy all the time. I picked up a delectable treat – cookie butter. What. The. Heck. It’s made out of gingerbread, biscuits and LOVE. That’s all anyone needs, right? It’s DELISH.


Your assignment for the weekend: just TRY, and I mean, really TRY, to find something that tastes better than this and report back to me. Thanks. 🙂 So glad I have something to be addicted to, aside from candy and coffee. Life is good!

How many rest days do you take per week?

What’s your favorite ‘butter’? Mine is usually regular peanut butter, but this changes everything.

Nail polish – do you like it or hate it? I can’t live without it. My feet however, that’s another story…


14 thoughts on “This Morning Workout Thing…

  1. YOU BOUGHT COOKIE BUTTER?!?!?! Oh girl, we were made to be bffs. It’s the only kind of “butter” I’ll eat besides regular butter, of course. I literally could eat a whole jar in one sitting. Oh wait, I have… Moving on. Yay for morning workouts! I’m finally back at them again without track and they’re the greatest things in the world. Yesyesyes! No better way to start the day 🙂

  2. woohoo! morning work outs for the win. actually i had never heard of cookie butter until i started prowling around the blogs, but then again, i only just went to trader joes for first time this week, haha. so maybe my next trip i’ll pick it up! i also just started painting my nails. i never really cared before but a few weeks ago i was typing and looked down and decided it was time to start. haha.

  3. I don’t take enough rest days ever, but I plan to for tomorrow since I am running a half on Sunday…we have the cookie butter in the pantry but I never want it because when I put my spoon in, I am expecting peanut butter and then not happy lol…I live on peanut butter – Peanut Butter & Co. are my favorites, Crunch Time in particular. Order it by the case.

  4. Oh gah I need to try that cookie butter. And I have been getting my workouts done early too and LOVE it! Feels so good to know I’m done for the day. I like skippy natural PB and burpees make me want to die. HATE them..I had to do 60 in my workout this morning :/

  5. Muah ha ha! I am happy to have found a speculoos lover in you. It’s so dang good. I’m almost through my first jar and I will definitely be replacing it. I bet its super fantastic in a protein smoothie, although I’m not sure because I’ve never tried it because I frequently just dig my finger into the jar and enjoy. I know, I’m gross. Don’t care. And massive props to the Bek because me and burpee’s relationship status is “it’s complicated.” Nail polish: I love it, however I am lazy and am bad at maintaining it. Essie colors are usually super cute! Have a great Thursday, girly! One more day and freedom 🙂

  6. CRUNCHY COOKIE BUTTER! I love that stuff. It’s great with whole wheat pita chips or just on a spoon or a finger. I could eat that for the rest of my life and be happy.

  7. LOVE just regular peanut butter! I eat it every single day! I tried maple flavored peanut butter recently, and I liked it, but it was way too sweet for an every day kind of thing. I never tried the cookie butter before but it looks great!

  8. That is an awesome workout girls!! Burpees are killer. I take one rest day a week, with no running, Pilates or cardio. My fav almond butter is raw almond. I heard about this cookie butter on another blog, will have to get it next time I’m at TJ.

  9. my FAVORITE nut butter is cookie butter. I literally have my Mom sending it to me in Australia!! I can’t live without it. Nice work with the burpees ladies! That is awesome. I tend to take 1 or 2 rest days per week, depending on how fatigued and how much time I have. It varies week to week!

  10. Oh man I so jealous of that workout!! that looks awesome!! I love any thing that incorporates Burpees!! i mean they suck… like majorly….but it is the BEST workout ever. I realy want to try it out!! Way to get it ladies 🙂

  11. I’m not super into nut butters, but I’ve been hearing about coconut butter which sounds like heaven on a spoon! I’ve also heard it comes with a hefty price tag and my homemade attempt with a mediocre blender did not go very well!

    I love nail polish, I HATE waiting for it to dry lol. I’ve been getting gel manicures for a few weeks and now that they’re done my nails are craptastic. I have a new color waiting for me, I need to give my nails some TLC.

    Happy Friday 🙂

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