Who Do I Blame for This?

Rather, what do I blame for this HORRID run I went on yesterday?


Disappointment would be an understatement and I’m still very frustrated with myself. I could pretend I brushed it off, but I didn’t so I won’t. I felt horrible the entire time (aches and pains in my legs and overall discomfort) and I am still pretty bitter about it. I did get tons of encouragement about still going out there and running from all the lovelies on Instagram which I greatly appreciated. Still, though, I’m really dissatisfied and unhappy with how I felt. I let it affect me all night long and really haven’t stopped. It’s got to get under control because not all runs rock, I know, but barely making it two miles?! That’s not me.

On to bigger and better things. Even though I was a little upset, my boyfriend and I still had plans with the fantastic Erika and Jeremy. They just moved into a new place and it is beyond incredible. I have total apartment envy. Let me show you why.


One view, to the next:



And, of course, we enjoyed these views with some takeout and good company.



It was so pretty. It definitely helped me feel a little better about my sad attempt to run earlier. When I got home, I was feeling like the little fake chef inside of me wanted out so I sautéed some zucchini and squash to take with me for lunch this week! I don’t know why this tastes so good because it’s so basic but I have made it a few times now because it, for some reason, tastes just like greasy Chinese food. It’s not, it’s actually healthy and Paleo, but dannnng! The beautiful Sara over at fitfunfemme asked for the recipe from Instagram and I’m embarrassed to admit it’s pretty darn simple.

Stir Fry Squash


2 zucchini
2 yellow squash
1/4 cup diced sweet white onion (Vidalia, maybe?)
TONS of fresh cracked black pepper
a bit of salt, taste
2 teaspoons garlic powder
a bit of olive oil for the pan (don’t over do it here, trust me)

The key to this dish is allowing all the veggies to really sit in the pan for a while. They turn brown, almost, but that’s what really gives it a unique flavor. That, and the onions and pepper! Don’t skimp on the pepper, either (unless you’re allergic, in which case, don’t make this!).


So, with the failure of my run and the success of the above dish, I’d say yesterday was A-OK. Now, to just get back on track with this running thing… 🙂

What’s your favorite veggie dish? I’m probably going to steal ideas… Fair warning!

Do you have home envy of any of your friends?

When you get discouraged from a workout, what do you do?


22 thoughts on “Who Do I Blame for This?

  1. why were you disappointed with your run? I would love that time! If I have a bad workout, I move on and my next workout will just be 100times better. My favorite veggie dish is marinated beets. I could eat them every day all year long!

    • i was disappointed because i felt so awful throughout it – which is abnormal. yes i’m hoping today’s hot yoga + light jog will be just what i need! beets are awesome. 🙂

    • ahh me tooooo! shrooms are where it’s at – they’re so versatile! girl thank you so much!!!!! i loved reading yours, can’t wait to answer! 🙂

  2. Without the bad runs we won’t know how good the good ones are. I had a bad run last week, but this week I’ve been rockin it. I hope you get your good one in soon=) beautiful views! I’m jealous of my friends that aren’t in UT right now while it’s snowing=(

    • haha sulking = my #1 activity. that’s what you gotta do, right? move forward is all there is. sighhhhhh.

  3. defnitely my corn pudding even though it is not healthy…SOOOOOO good. All of Stu’s guy friends request I make it when they come over

  4. I hate those bad run days…my run today wasn’t fabulous, felt my legs more than I wanted but it happens. When it happens, I remind myself that a great run is on the horizon for the next day so that is what I focus on…Your recipe looks so simple and delicious…I love my vegetables, I swear I make versions just like yours all of the time! Isn’t it funny how simple the ingredients are but it tastes like we are quite the chefs? lol.

    • you’re so right – some runs are just crap and they are that way for a reason: to remind us of those fantastic ones. it is!! veggies are so versatile and they can taste so sinful but be so healthy!! haha, ya, i’m not even close to being a chef. typically, i create gross things but this was a success – so woo hoo!

  5. After a bad workout, I just tell myself that if my body would have been up to it, it would have done it. You did your body a favor by not pushing it overboard. Next one will be better!
    Favorite veggie dish — Brussels sprouts cut in half, and sauteed in olive oil with garlic and lots of shallots. Yum!

    • thank you for that! i couldn’t agree more and am looking forward to tonight’s workout to make up for it! Brussels are the absolute best and i haven’t made them like that before! that’s a great idea!

  6. That view makes me want to live in a city SO BADLY after I graduate. A suburb of Baltimore doesn’t count. Actually, Baltimore in general doesn’t count. Boston it is.Bad workouts suck but they make you appreciate the good ones 100%. Hopefully your next run is a good one!

    • hehe! city views, for whatever reason, make me such a happy girl. boston!!!! yayyyy! i love that place and will be jealous when you make that move! you’re right, thank you love!

  7. Wow, their view really is amazing! If I’m feeling some home envy, I like to hit up a Homegoods or TJ Maxx and buy some random trinket that I didn’t need, but that adds tons to my decorating value 😉

    When I have sucky workouts, I throw myself a mini pity party and let myself take it all in. Then I usually analyze the crap out of why I wasn’t at my best. Less than stellar workouts/runs happen…but I make myself feel better by saying the hardest workouts are the ones that matter the most. And you DID workout. And you accomplished way more than a lot of people can do, so try not to bust on yourself too much. I’ll go on the DailyMile and give you more “motivations” 🙂

  8. Looks like you needed a day off rather than a run. Frustration is fine if you can do something about it. The run is over. All you can do is evaluate what happened and decide what to do next time. Hard runs are part of the process just like easy runs. Just keep going. You are doing awesome!

  9. I swear, our bodies sometimes make absolutely NO sense. Me for instance, a couple weeks ago I ran 7 miles and never felt better. Just this past week? I could barelyyy get through 3. And my legs were hating me the whole time. I don’t understand it either! I try not to let it bother me too much, probably just because I’ve had my fair share of bad runs and I know they won’t last forever. Trust me, a great run is just around the corner! And we’ve all been there with those bad ones 🙂

  10. My favorite veggie dish is squash casserole-it is summer squash layered with tomatoes, followed by a layer of italian-seasoned breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. It’s so good!
    Try not to get discouraged about your run, we all have off days. If I have a bad workout, I just make a plan for a fun workout that I love the next day to help get me back on track!

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