You Guys Convinced Us

….To workout in the morning.

Yep, we did it and we did it well! I was absolutely convinced after a lot of you said morning time was your favorite time to get in a good sweat!

We were both feeling unwell yesterday, as Bek mentioned in her post, and were more than ready to kick some boo-tay in the gym this morning. Here’s what we did:


I may have made it all pretty, but trust me, it was not that pretty in the gym this morning. It. Rocked. Our. World. The 100 squats plus the 100 lunges were brutal.

images (1)

That’s how I feel today.



You know, it’s obvious on here that we love working out but what I find to be EVEN better is working out together. I love that we can go to the gym together in the mornings – makes us both much more accountable than if we were alone. Another example: I wasn’t feeling well last night and didn’t want to work out but seeing as it was Mollie Mondays, I was held accountable to hit the gym with her. And hit the gym we did! 🙂 I am so grateful to have several friends who are as excited about fitness as I am. It surely makes life easier.

AFTER THE GYM THIS MORNING, SOMETHING TRAUMATIC HAPPENED. Bek went to make a delightful green smoothie and immediately told me decide whether I could handle the following picture.



What. The. F? Trader Joe’s is the MegBeks reliable place for produce. While this doesn’t change that, it certainly makes it more difficult to want to buy spinach there again. Bleh.

Dees. Gust. Ing. What!!!!!!!

What’s the most challenging gym move for you to do? Mine are lunges, I’ve decided after today. Wow. Or burpees… Yikes.

Have you ever found a crEATure in your produce? (See what I did there, playing with our blog name? I’m a treat to be around this morning ;)!!)

Your turn – what helps you get to the gym or to a workout?


26 thoughts on “You Guys Convinced Us

  1. I love how much energy I am getting after I work out in the mornings…it’s like I walk into work with a little jump in my step and a smile on my face. Burpies kill me but I figure that means they are working ;-). I once found moths in a bag of dried hot peppers…..gagging just thinking about it. Keep sharing – I love these posts!

  2. Welcome to the morning workout club!! You guys won’t regret it! Ewww…that is gross about finding that bug. That is one downside about produce, since it is grown outside they are all suspectible to bugs, creatures, the like, no matter how careful you are. I still would rather take that risk than buying boxed, processed foods. Challenging workout: definitely burpees, those get me everytime. Finding creatures in produce: not recently, but I know I have found lil bugs in my leafy greens at one point. What gets me out to workout: knowing if I don’t go, I will regret it for the rest of the day.

    • Haha, thank you for your warm welcome!! I think I might stick around a while, I’m digging the way it started my day. You have no idea how grossed out I was but I’m with ya 100% – no thank you to processed foods. I’m the same way, if I miss a workout I can’t stop thinking about it!

  3. I was telling Meghan this morning about the time (when I was in 6th grade) that I bit into a baby kosher dill and found a small worm nestled inside. Oh, hey little guy, I didn’t realize you called dibs on this pickle first. My B. Yuck. I’m just glad I didn’t bite into it. I don’t think I could have eaten another pickle again if I had.

  4. Haha congrats on your morning workouts!! Isn’t it great? I have to admit it took me a couple weeks when I made the switch from evenings to mornings to get fully accustomed to it, but now I could never go back. I practically crave that workout before starting my day now.

    Lol that bug is scary.

    • It is the best way to start the day! I’m sold!! I’m going to need all the support I can get while I transition these next few weeks!
      No kidding. That bug sucks. Ha

  5. Ewwwwww. Bugs freak me out enough, but bugs in my food would send me over the edge. And yay for morning workouts! I find that whenever I try to schedule gym time after work, I never make it. Something always comes up! And I think squats are the worst for me. Doing them isn’t that bad, but the next day my legs always hurt!

    • I’m with ya on the bugs things. Some of them are fine, but I really had no idea what the heck this kind was AND it was in some beautiful leafy greens, BUMMER!!

  6. I used to get fresh spinach, but there was just so much dirt in it I couldn’t handle it!! Now I buy prepackaged spinach. What helps me get to the gym? Obviously good friends, but second to that is good music!! (And maybe the promise of a smoothie after! lol)

    • Ugh, yes, well, after this incident who knows what I’ll be doing. I’m just going to push the image + memory outta my head and pretend it never happened. SO right about the music CUH! It’s a MUST!

  7. Burpees are probably my worst enemy, mostly because all forms of push-ups are not my forte. So I guess I should probably be doing them more. Strangely enough, I had a dream last night that I could do all different types of push-ups – diamond push-ups, wide push-ups, whatever and I woke up and THOUGHT I actually did all of them last night at the gym and was so proud of myself. You can imagine my disappointment at it only being a dream and me sucking at push-ups in real life. Anyway….you look so happy at the gym in the morning! It’s great to have fit friends who can help keep you accountable so yay for Mollie and Bek 🙂

  8. That bag would have gone straight into the trash haha I am so afraid of bugs! But yayyy for morning workouts- you just feel so good about yourself afterwards no matter how sore you are!

  9. Well, you mean folks did it. You have forced me to get off my lazy arse and join the couch to 5k shenanigans. Stop it now!

  10. So glad you guys enjoyed your morning workout! It becomes addicting trust me – I also really like the snotty feeling I get in the office, knowing that I’ve already gotten my sweat on while 99% of the people around me have not 🙂 GROSS bug TJs – not cool.

  11. Um gross (spider in TJs produce), I wish I had as many workout buddies as you haha, and I’m saving that 1000 rep workout…looks like something low impact that I can do right now 😛 Oh, and I loathe burpees…won’t do them unless I absolutely have to…love the fact that the only high impact exercise I can do right now is running 😀

  12. OMG I found a bug in my romaine lettuce bag last night and haven’t been able to buy it since. I always wash my lettuce, even if it says pre-washed, and that’s the main reason!
    Having friends that like to be fit too is the best workout motivation I think. That is awesome that you girls go together. I miss living close to my sister because we always used to be gym buddies together!

  13. Most challenging gym move: pull ups. (I still can’t do them yet, and have to do ring rows at CrossFit because even the bands can’t help me.)

    One time I found a completely flat bug smushed between stalks in my celery. Yuck!

    Honestly, working out is the one time when my head really clears itself. Be it strength or cardio (or some hellish combination of the two) my workouts are my private me time to just be in the moment and let all of the emotional and mental stress fall away under the physical. Which is WONDERFUL.

  14. I’m not much of a partner person when it comes to working out – I like being alone to sweat it out and not have to worry about my appearance to someone else. The one exception is my trainer back home, he obviously sees me workout – but that’s because he’s creating them for me and it’s magical! I’m pretty lucky to have him. Until he makes me do tabatas on an old stationary bike (like the one with the giant fan). I HATE that. I’ve actually had a panic attack while doing it. No thanks!

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