Vampire 5K and 10 Miles, FINALLY

Well today is officially difficult! I had such a fantastic weekend and I am just so bummed to be back at Monday morning. Ah, such is life. Friday night I ran the Vampire 5K with some wonderful folks. To sum it up – I would do it again in a heartbeat!


CA and Mollz rocking out the vampire teeth.


Yummy. Fake blood.

So, essentially, as the vampires, we chased the ‘citizens’ and ripped off their flag football style belts.


All the citizens got started and then all the vampires got started! Check out the race scenery:




It was a great race – with some really hilly parts that were actually unexpected but appreciated. We all rocked it out and both Mollie and CA got belts off of some citizens. My lame self did not.


Look at Mollie with her flag in her hand, so proud! Ha! 🙂

Then we engaged in some shenanigans (favorite word? yes!) at the park FOR FREE!


No, I did not make it to the top. That thing was impossible. Fail.

Saturday morning began at a lazy 11 am. I was darned and determined to get my 10 mile run in the month of April, so gosh darn it, I did it!

If you follow me on Instagram, I apologize for the picture repetition.


I was so dang happy! 🙂 The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and aside from a bathroom stop and a stop for Bek (my roomie and co blogger, but not best friend, of course) to pick up The Senator at mile 7, it was smooth sailing. Yipee! I know that tons of you guys were racing on Saturday and I channeled that energy to my run! 🙂

The rest of Saturday was spent lounging and munching. I had no plans and I wanted it to stay that way. Those are usually the best days! And true to my childish self, yesterday was a Sunday FunDay! The Meg Bek household did some serious spring cleaning!


Why she took pictures is beyond me, but I made sure to retaliate!


The Senator did NOT contribute.

Then the ladies came over for a fun girls night at a fun Irish pub, Fado! 🙂


Hooray for self timers. 🙂


The fitnesscrEATures themselves! Woo! Yeah, third person is definitely too awkward. Sorry.

This next one is by far the CUTEST picture I have ever seen.


T’was a night full of fun that was followed by a morning full of glum.

And, if you think girls night concluded without an over indulgence in sweets, you must think again. That’s (from the left) bread pudding, apple pie with caramel sauce and a chocolate brownie with Guinness ice cream. Heaven.


Which races did you run this weekend?

Any fun things happen? Any goals accomplished?

What’s your favorite running accessory?


28 thoughts on “Vampire 5K and 10 Miles, FINALLY

  1. Those desserts look so yummy!!! My new favorite running accessory are my compression socks, love them! Now I just need to talk my husband into getting me another pair (maybe Mother’s day gift) so I have a pair that I can wear after my run. They are so comfortable.

    • They were so good! I don’t wear them while I run but I feel like I should try it. I normally throw them on afterward for ‘recovery’. (I’m really bad at recovery!)

  2. You guys are adorable but I have to say, you caught my attention with that dessert picture. I want to run a vampire race!

  3. I love all the pictures from your vampire adventure! They have Zombie runs around me and I always thought that I would be too much of a wuss to do them (I hate being scared) but your vampire run looked like such a blast, fake blood FTW! Also I am impressed by your knowledge of how to use a self timer on a camera. I am soooo behind in the times and it takes me forever to figure tech stuff out, come and teach me your ways! And I love the senator supervising the MegBek cleaning adventures. He seems engrossed in the table cleaning haha! And favorite running accessory when I remember them is my stunna’ shades AKA free sunglasses.

    • Oh Leslee, you and your thoughtful and detail oriented replies! They always make me happy! 🙂 I need some stunna’ shades ASAP too!!! Sign up for one! Immediately! I am really digging themed 5K’s lately so obviously you would too, blog twinsie!

  4. Love any wish to be a Vampire… though i know it won’t be possible but but who’s gonna stop me in my dreams where i’m really a blood sucker like Damon 🙂 🙂

  5. That race looked awesome! I think an amusement park would be awesome to run through and then play in afterwards 😀 No races for me this weekend, but I have my half on Sunday! Just did a 6 miler on Saturday and a 4 miler yesterday…taper time begins…I’m going to go insane 😛

    • I was thinking about you and your tapering! 🙂 I know you’re going to have tons of energy to burn all week! GOOD LUCK lady I can’t wait to hear about your race after this weekend! yay!

    • it was so much fun! 🙂 such a cool idea for a race. haha the fake blood was almost too real looking, sooo gross! thank you!!

    • yes yes i get so excited about racing!!! glad you did so well! i want to run at your pace – my goal is a sub 2 hour half in august. we shall see. ha!

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