Two Wrongs = Right?

Exhibit A:


Sweet potatoes with Brussels sprouts and eggs? Mismatched, definitely.

Exhibit B:


All different kinds of colors and textured workout gear. Mismatched, definitely.

Back to what I called ‘Exhibit A’. What?!? Mixing SWEET potatoes with salty Brussels sprouts and eggs? Well, last night, after some inspiration from this recipe, my friends and I concocted this sweet potato hash. It was breakfast for dinner, more commonly known as BRINNER!


2 sweet potatoes
6 cups shredded Brussels
1/4 cup diced white onion
garlic powder
a bit of olive oil
eggs (depending on how many you’re serving, this was for four people)

All I did was bake the Brussels like I normally do and while that was happening I sautéed the diced onions and cubed sweet potatoes with all the salt, pepper and garlic powder.  In another pan I made the eggs so it could all be served hot! I wish I could be more exact with these instructions, but let’s be real – you’re unlikely to make something healthy off this blog after my candy confession yesterday. 🙂 My credibility is shot!

But, I think I can claim some of it back with this workout I did. On to ‘Exhibit B’ – the totally random, mismatched gym outfit. Oh, please don’t think I care, I just normally have such cute running outfits (that’s part of the reason I run!! Ha!) that when I wear something so unmatched and frumpy, it’s picture worthy. Either that, or I’m still just a big narcissist who loves selfies. You can choose for yourself.

cardio circuit

This sucker took about 46 minutes (yeah, I timed it!) and I did about 3 miles, give or take. I was beat after this.

Why is it that treadmills KICK MY BUTT but pavement does not? I don’t get it.

And finally, to wrap up this lovely Wednesday with some LOVE, I received a wonderful giveaway from Her Happy Balance (I think a lot of you know her, she’s pretty much the most fabulous girl ever!). I’ve never tried this product so when she had a giveaway I was so excited! And I won! And look at how cute she was – including a heartfelt letter and all!


People like her, and like all you out there reading, have become such an important part of my life over these past few months of blogging and I am so grateful to be a part of such a supportive, happy, REAL community of healthy living/cooking/running/exercising bloggers. 🙂

And for the record, those things are PHENOMENAL. They taste like cookies. I’m almost mad that I have a whole box of these because, as I’ve said before, I have no self control with sweets. YUM.

What’s your favorite ‘mismatched’ meal?

What’s the best kind of ‘brinner’ to you?

Do you prefer treadmills or outdoors when you run?


22 thoughts on “Two Wrongs = Right?

  1. Okay I have to try brussels sprouts!! This recipe was like the last straw- gotta get some asap! And for wearin “frumpy” clothes you look pretty darn good girl!

    • you know, i thought i hated them til i made them like this! post away if you ever try to make them! there are tonssss of good recipes for them!

  2. The sweet potato/egg/brussel sprout concoction has me drooling! Looks amazing. And I love Honey Stinger chews but haven’t tried the waffles. They don’t really fit in my pockets while I run, haha!

    • chews?? i may have to try some! you must try the waffles for taste. dannnnng they’re good!! yes this dinner was much more delicious than i thought it would be. WIN!

      • Yes, chews! I’ve seen them in fruit punch and orange flavors. I’m all about the orange for my long runs.

  3. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE. There, I said it. Geez lord woman, you are so darn sweet! AKA why we’re CLEARLY blog bests 🙂 So glad you got the Honey Stinger Waffles, they are freaking delicious right?!

    Also shredded brussels?! That is a fantastic idea. How exactly do you shred them? Because I’m picturing brussel sprouts on a cheese grater? No?

    • YOU ARE MY FAVORITE too! Hahaha!! Obviously, I tag you in everything!!! Dude, they are SO SO good. I had several before bed last night. I’m going to have NO trouble eating through the whole box.
      I cheat. I buy them pre-shredded at Trader Joe’s but hahaha I’ll withhold my trade secret of the manual labor of shredding them so that I can see a blog post dedicated to Brussels on a cheese grater. Specifically, you trying to do that. 🙂

      Really, ha, put them in a blender or food processor to shred. I caved.

      • Oh god TJ’s to the rescue! I don’t know why I didn’t think that a food processor would do the trick. I am a glutton for punishment haha…I probably would’ve been shredding brussels for HOURS! Ugh! And the blogging love is totally mutual. I love reading your comments on my blog and commenting on yours, I get actual happiness out of it haha I think it may be true love.

      • It is true love. Thank you and good night! Bek said the other day, “Why don’t you just move to PA already?” 🙂 🙂
        Yes yes, I can ship you some shredded ones if you promise to make something yummy!!

  4. Hahaha so many of my running/workout clothes are mismatched it’s not even funny…i rarely have a full, put together outfit on, but I am hoping to slowly start changing that! Brinner is my fav meal to make by far…anything with pancakes or waffles is good in my book 😉

  5. The treadmill is SO MUCH HARDER than running outside. When people tell me that they prefer the treadmill I am always shocked — why would you rather run in place staring at a screen than enjoy fresh air and constantly changing scenery?

    The sweet potato and brussel sprouts hash was excellent!!!!

    • you’re a mean mom! you hated the sprouts!!
      agreed with the treadmill. bleh. though i did get to see kim from real housewives of atlanta on tv for 30 minutes. she’s a gem.

  6. I have sweet potatoes probably every other day (in any way you can think to cook them) and brussel sprouts ALWAYS accompany my sweet potatoes! I LOVE THEM!!! That meal looks positively delicious 🙂

    And I am an out door runner or a track runner… I used to be a big treadmill girl, but I didn’t want to depend on the treadmill– I love doing speed workouts on a treadmill though and obviously If I am on a cruise or something or it is blizzarding, a treadmill works just fine 🙂

    • girl i’m with you on the sweet potatoes! share some ideas because i’m running out but LOVE them so much!!! my thoughts exactly about the treadmill!

    • thanks haha! yea people usually prefer one over the other, which makes sense. the more you practice with one, the better you are. ha!! they are SO good.

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