Officially a Failure and Officially The Senator

My failure is my unaccomplished 10 mile run on Saturday on. But, before that, here’s to the weekend.


Homemade beverage – 1 part Loopy vodka (it tastes like Fruit Loops, have you ever had it?? Dannnng!), 2 parts orange juice and some raspberries! I promised Her Happy Balance I’d ship her some but I drank them all. Sorry girl! 🙂

My goal was 10 miles this Saturday.
It didn’t happen.


I wish I could get this out without being gross, but I can’t. Hey, don’t read if you can’t hang. I was at mile 5 feeling grand, fine, great, outstanding. The Senator was feeling great too – I think it had everything to do with the weather. However once mile 5 hit, I had that yucky feeling in my tummy and couldn’t keep going. I managed to get almost 6.5 miles until my boyfriend came and got me and took me home (how embarrassing.). Sighhhh. Next weekend. This is why I’m officially a failure. I’m  hoping for redemption soon. Ha.

What made it even worse, for me, was how truly great I felt out there. I was happy and confident that I could reach my goal, but my body wanted something else. While it’s frustrating to not achieve my goal, I’m focusing on how great it just felt to be out there running – just me and The Senator.

Later that night, I went to dinner and an art show with some of the best friends and boyfriend in the whole wide world.



I mayyyy or may not NEED Instagram rehabilitation. I’m addicted. Sorry. After dinner we went to RAW Atlanta, an art show for all different kinds of mediums. My friend Sydney had her own little show – it was so cool!


For someone like me, with no artistic abilities, seeing art like this makes me speechless. Such talent.

After that, I went out to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday! Woohoo!!


And all day Sunday was spent with The Senator. The boyfriend and I took him to the river for the day and he was in heaven! The hike was exquisite and peaceful, and it didn’t hurt that it was gorgeous outside.


Sometimes it’s nice to just be enveloped in nature, no?


Needless to say, The Senator was a mess upon leaving.


He LOVES mud. It’s bizarre. Nothing about him is masculine, except this.


As Mollie said, #rugged.

Then, this weekend, I made his name official. I took the plunge and after much internal deliberation, decided to make him THE Senator.


And yes, that’s dog bling. My dog is fancy, K?

Anyone else out there have a good run this weekend?

What’s your favorite thing to do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon?

Are you an artist? Share, share, share!


18 thoughts on “Officially a Failure and Officially The Senator

  1. You are definitely not a failure. You still ran 6.5 miles. There are many people out there that can’t even run 1 mile. I know your next long run you will kill it!! Now I feel bad for saying that I did run 10 miles yesterday morning and it was a very comfortable run too. I had no issues either, usually that is rare for me, I always have some issues while running. Don’t let your run on Saturday get you down, that just means your next long one will be even better!!!

    • Aw, never feel bad! I’m excited for you!!! I’m not training for anything so it’s not a huge crisis, just a disappointment. Exactly – I know this weekend I’ll kill it! Woohoo! Thanks for your support!!! I know, failure is a bit dramatic, but so is my blog… sooo it’s okay, right? 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! What pretty pictures you have posted! My favorite thing to do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon is…Play tennis! After watching the match between Rafael Nadal (viva Espana!) and Novak Djokovic, Jeremy and I ventured to the tennis courts at Briarwood park and played tennis for an hour. I went to dinner with a friend and then started packing for my big move. (:

    • I can imagine tennis yesterday was THE BEST with the weather as nice as it was!! I can’t wait for your big move. Selfish? Yes. At least you know where my motives are (the rooftop pool!!!).

    • I played tennis yesterday too. I was VERY rusty with my forehand swing but I will definitely be joining Jerika sometime in the near future for a match. It was a beautiful day on the courts!

    • thank you! i know, i know, it wasn’t a BAD run, just not what I wanted. thanks! if i recall, you’re a fellow Washington girl so any chance to be outdoors is a MUST, right? 😉

  3. Aww I’m sorry about your run, hun 😦 That’s definitely happened to, though, so you are not alone. My 11 miler was spent in the company of my new running club, so it was great and made me even more excited to have joined 🙂 i am not an artist at all, but I love almost all forms, so I’m absolutely amazed by your friend’s talent 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes, it happens to me more than I’d like to admit. Sadly. I read that! You are an amazing runner! I love reading about your runs – and I’m contemplating a running club myself but I’m intimidated… 🙂

  4. So many things to say about this! Okay first, I will try not to be mad at you for drinking all of the amazing booze. However, I now feel the extreme need to try Loopy vodka…they make that?! WHATT? Secondly, love the teal top. Is it a peplum? Also the layering of your necklaces is super cute. And your nails! They look so darn nice! Makes me feel bad about my stubby, unpainted nails haha Maybe when you come to visit me when can go get mani-pedis haha I had a good run Sunday, just 3 miles. And no shame in having your guy pick you up. You don’t want to be sick! Maybe try to pinpoint why you started feeling funky so you don’t have to repeat that experience.

    • Hahaha! So many things to reply with! 🙂 Thank you SO much for trying not to be mad. This makes my day infinitely better. You are the best. Loopy vodka, girl, I’ll send you some. Tis the stuff that makes my heart warm. It’s actually a dress, thank you! I’m all about Nordstrom Rack lately. woo hoo!
      Mani/Pedi it is, plus a run, plus shopping, plus eating those gluten free sticks, plus drinking… gosh. I may need to extend my fakecation. 🙂

      • I am LOVING the Rack! It’s the only way I can afford luxury clothes. And yeah, you better let your boss know that this Fakecation may turn into a staycation. Also, bring your boyfriend. He can complain about blogging with mine haha

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