Swimming, Lighter in a Toilet and APPLES!

Which shall I begin with? Lighters in toilets you say? Okay!

After work yesterday, I went to use my bathroom and saw this beauty inside.


HOW did this happen? I have a feeling The Senator may have something to do with it… Or is he even smart enough to do something this ridiculous? How could he, with a face like this?

jack 4

Totally innocent, no?

I immediately called my co blogger, roomie and bestie in for help. I’m pretty pathetic if you haven’t figured it out by now. Also, very worthless. That combination doesn’t sound too appealing, huh?

The girl BeKaaaahhh to the RESCUE! Dun na na na na, BEKAHHH!


Haha, SUCH the BEST roomie to come coddle me and my fear of touching a toilet (a fear I discovered yesterday). She’s the best. She even did it while I laughed hysterically from my throne. Dance for me puppet, DANCE FOR ME! I apologize, I’m feeling particularly hyper on this actually dreary morning. Anyway, back to real blogging things.

Inspired by I Run for Donuts to go for a swim, I began with this gem of a warm up.


Why do I think that just a few moves are going to be easy? I made this before my workout yesterday and wound up wishing it was my only workout! Killer way to start the gym session. Dripping with sweat is such a good look on me! And then it was the moment of truth – time to swim! I am trying this thing that apparently runners are supposed to do: cross train.


Delightful. As I said on Instagram, swim caps = ugly. But, dyed blonde hair turning green also = ugly. So, better to be in a swim cap for a bit than have green hair forever!

Also, who still puts their thumbs up in pictures? Any other silly folks out there?

Cool. Here’s what I did:

2 x 100 freestyle
2 x 100 IM
6 x 50 backstroke
1 x 100 freestyle/breast stroke cool off

Doesn’t look like much, does it? Well, it took a little over a half hour to complete. Yea, I used to be a good swimmer… It’s going to take some time to regain that title. 🙂 Hooray for trying.

And my blog post wouldn’t be complete without sharing a new concoction. It’s a good thing photo editing exists because otherwise, these simple and boring recipes would look so much worse. At least I’m not still obsessing over balsamic like I did for about four recipes in a row.

Cinnamon Apples and Roasted Cinnamon Walnuts (Paleo Approved!)


This is VERY easy to make. Slice an apple (preferably a granny smith) into about 1/2 inch thick slices. Cut the middle out so there are no seeds (can’t have you guys growing apple trees in your tummy’s!).

Lay the apple slices on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and sprinkle walnuts all along the tops of the apples. I drenched it all in cinnamon and therefore cannot relay an accurate measurement but surely it’s an easy situation to solve on your own. These suckers baked for 20 minutes on 450 degrees before they were the perfect consistency. Apple. Freaking. Pie. Guiltless. Yum.


I also made an extra batch of walnuts because they turned out so yummy and my greedy face wanted more.


So, cinnamon roasted walnuts and apples turns out to be great as either breakfast or dessert. Clearly my sweet tooth is in full force this week.

I love you all, enjoy your weekend ahead!! 🙂 It’s Friday, y’all!

Any exciting plans for the weekend?

Do you swim at all? If you do – any recommendations on sets/equipment would be very appreciated!


9 thoughts on “Swimming, Lighter in a Toilet and APPLES!

  1. Those apples look good, may have to try them this weekend for a dessert. No exciting plans this weekend but, this sunday i do have a running date with a couple of my mama friends! I am very excited about that. I used to swim when I lived at my parents, but we don’t have a pool at our house or go to a gym. I miss swimming 😦 Keep up the swimming!!

  2. The senator does look so innocent! Great roomie right there, I’d probably fetch a boy to come and take it out for me 🙂 I haven’t swam in entirely too long. I was thinking of going this weekend…are two piece swim suits socially frowned upon for gym pools? I don’t think I own a one piece anymore :-/

    • Haha, girl, you are the best. I had this same fear and bit the bullet and ordered one on Amazon… I’m sure you can rock a two piece though!! 🙂

  3. I am such a creature of habit and I love finding new ways to make the same foods- baking apples, banana chips, balsamic (also addicted) veggies… YUM. Totally stealing some of these ideas!! 🙂

    • Same here! Yay love it! They don’t actually look this pretty in real life. I’m all about instagramming the crap out of my food lately. Not a good habit haha.

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