It’s Getting HOT in Hurrr (Here)! And Also, I NEED a Life.

Atlanta plays games with my heart. One week it’s freezing and on the verge of snowfall and the next it’s in the 80’s. Alas, welcome to Atlanta, I suppose. It’s been phenomenal weather this week which has encouraged a run everyday this week so far (it is only Wednesday, Meghan). My goal is to run consistently and then build mileage back up until I can train for a marathon again. 🙂 What what!

Last night, I leashed up the Senator and I went for a run with THE Mollie Hanna Cabana because I had been craving a new course she discovered. It was not easy at all – filled with hills and twists and turns and about 3.5 miles long. The entire first .75 of the run is a large and gradual incline, which made my legs burn. But, at about 1.5 miles, we hit a park that was absolutely gorgeous. The weather and energy around me motivated me to do some stair work in the middle of my run! (My poor dog…!)


At least he loves car rides leading up to runs! He’s too famous, however, to show his face so this is what I got instead – his back. Fine. Just fine.


I wasn’t the only one running up and down the stairs – I spy a man in a lime green shirt! He was killing it and made my efforts look weak.

Anyway, it was gorgeous out, how could you have a bad run in scenery like this?


A big thanks to Mollie for showing me this route. I fell in love. So, Monday night I did a 5K and last night I did another 5K too! It feels great to be back on the pavement. I can’t wait to train for another marathon… I’m getting the itch…

The Senator was exhausted after the run, too.


Andddd, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t exhausted afterward, too. It was H-O-T outside!


Look who decided to photo bomb it up! He’s a sneaky man, that Senator!

Post run, I loaded up on some protein and experimented with some squash and zucchini that was on the verge of death. I seem to procrastinate with my produce lately. And, shocking, a new BALSAMIC recipe coming your way! I need a life (hence the title) outside of my love for balsamic. HELP!

Balsamic & Basil Squash


This was so yummy I couldn’t handle it. I was so happy I experimented with this squash.

1 zucchini
1 squash
1/2 teaspoon olive oil (or you can omit it completely)
2 tablespoons balsamic
1.5 tablespoons minced basil (fresh or dried)
a sprinkle of salt
a large amount of fresh cracked pepper

Slice the gourds and put them in a Ziploc bag with the olive oil and balsamic. Shake them up until they’re all covered in the stuff! Place them on a cooking sheet lined with parchment paper and sprinkle the basil, salt and pepper evenly along the tops of the squash. Bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes, checking after 20, depending on your oven.


Once they’re finished baking, EAT UP! I saved a lot of mine and topped my salad with them for lunch. They’re just as good cold as they were fresh and warm – so enjoy, and you’re welcome. 🙂

Balsamic is my favorite right now. Please send a rescue team to teach me that there is more to life than that savory liquid. K, thanks.


13 thoughts on “It’s Getting HOT in Hurrr (Here)! And Also, I NEED a Life.

  1. I am LOVING this heat. Like seriously there is nothing better if you ask me. Running when it’s 80 out is seriously my favorite part about summer. I might have a problem…

  2. I love the “I Spy” photo! Neon shirt guy looks like an older guy too. When I was running on Monday I got passed by a balding man with a beer belly (Like his belly was legit showing out the bottom of his shirt) lol I was like wow even this guy is faster than me! Oh well, it doesn’t matter. You took on those hills and conquered!

    • Hahaha this made me for real LOL that’s an awesome sight to see!!! Totally jealous of your sightseeing. 🙂 Awesome girl!!

  3. @pickyrunner This heat is wonderful! Running in the heat is so challenging but so satisfying (and it doesn’t hurt to get your tan on while running)
    The course is tough but a great workout — glad you enjoyed it MEG 🙂

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