Colorful CrEATures

Copyrighted title, by the infamous Mollie. Thanks for your creativity, girl!

This past Saturday, as I mentioned, the Fitness CrEATures participated in the COLOR RUN.

The MegBek household got up nice and early and began with coffee and bananas and Mollie’s presence. 🙂 Also, some shenanigans. Picture taking is always fun when Mollie is constantly seeking the most candid shots ever.



See what I mean? Foolishness. Once we collected ourselves, we met up with our friend CA to ride down to the race together. Scooting right along, we thought we’d be early. We thought we’d get home in time for all kinds of activities. We thought it wouldn’t be that crowded.

Man oh man, we were dead wrong. Traffic. Was. Awful. I wish I could better explain – but there are so few words to appropriately describe the chaos that ensued on the drive down to the race. It took about two hours. TWO HOURS! And it should have taken roughly 45 minutes. W.T.F.

At least we got to have some fun, quality bonding time with each other, and I can’t say that I was too mad about the traffic whilst surrounded with some of my favorites.

PicMonkey Collagecolorrun

Then I thought it would be fun to get some boiled peanuts from a shop on the side of the road since we were practically stopped.

PicMonkey Collageboiledpeanuts

Horrid traffic, but yummy peanuts! The girl BeKaaaah kindly financed the peanut fun.

And finally, we arrived, along with tens of thousands of others for a fun, fun, FUN run!

PicMonkey Collagecolorrun2

Mollz, CA, and the co bliggity blogger!


The whole gang, minus me, of course!


But, we all know I must hold true to my self proclaimed narcissism, so here we go. I thought I knew what that selfie duck face thing looked like so I tried to teach the Bek. We both fail, wouldn’t you agree?


The run was super cool. There was such good energy all around and everyone was really getting into it! With everyone’s excitement growing, we got to the start line and got ready to go.

PicMonkey Collage

And we were off. Here’s what all the color stations looked like (kudos to the courageous Mollie for bringing her phone through the race). Look closely, that’s Ash down below in the tutu (homemade, no less)! Go girl!


And afterward, here’s what ensued.

Some frolicking.


Some dancing.


Some laughing.


And some loving. ❤


Such. A. Fun. Race. Y’all.

While it wasn’t a full 5K and most people were walking and playing along the course, it was still a solid 2.5 miles with a wee bit of incline – I’ll take that.

Colorful CrEATures, Part TWO

Don’t feel obligated to read past this point, because these next few parts recap a rather ridiculous few hours (not such healthy hours, either, but I won’t disclose why).

Promptly following the million hours of traffic to get home from the Color Run, Mollie, Rebekah and I ventured to the NCAA’s Final Four free concert. Holy wow to the line up. We, unfortunately, only made it in time for Ludacris – which really isn’t that unfortunate. It was super crowded but awesome to watch Ludacris! He was a really entertaining performer and had the three of us dancing and singing like crazy!


Oh, did you think we were classy enough to clean up first? Incorrect assumption. Centennial Olympic Park was SO crowded. I think I heard there were over 100,000 people there. Yummy.


Here’s Luda!


Cool. Stuff.

After a bit there, we hung out around downtown and pretended to be tourists of the city.


Random dolphin sculpture? Yes, please. 🙂

Ah, such a perfect day with the perfect friends. There’s more to blog about from this day, I’m sure, but I can’t truly and fully articulate just how much fun I really had. It’s one of those ‘you had to be there’ type things. Sorry you missed out! 😉


12 thoughts on “Colorful CrEATures

  1. Well you’ve officially convinced me. I’m doing a color run. And getting to see ludacris? Those are some amazing moments this weekend for sure!

    • Definitely worth it for the fun aspect – the ‘race’ aspect? Not so much! LOL. FOR SURE!! And I should have mentioned it was FREE to see Luda!

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