Boston, Day 1


(I actually stayed right outside of Boston in Somerville, MA, near Cambridge.)

I’ll admit this post is coming to you a little late. Ok, a lot late. But better late than never, right? I guess it depends. Maybe we can have a vote at the end of the post?

Here’s a little background (just so you don’t think I went all the way to Boston on nothing but a random whim): My man and I are currently doing the whole “long distance dating” (putting the terms long distance and dating together just seems counter intuitive to me) thing, or as I like to think of it, the whole “I hate the world and want to throw a temper tantrum every ten minutes because I only get to see my man every 2 months/ I want to make irrational financial decisions and not eat for a week just so
I can go see him/ waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Conversely, those terms all seem to fit together quite nicely.) I never said I wasn’t belligerent; I most certainly am. Anyway, I’m living in Atlanta and he’s finishing school in Boston (May, can you please get here already!?). He’ll be back in Atlanta for the summer, and, hopefully, a lot longer than that. He wants to get one of those job things, but I think he should just stay home and bake cookies with me. A girl can dream, can’t she?

The morning of my flight, I got to Hartsfield-Jackson airport around 6:30 am thanks to my dear bestie/roomie Meghan (I think you know her, but in case you forgot, this is her), and anxiously waited for my plane to start boarding. At this point, it had been 2 1/2 months since I’d seen my dude man, so you can probably imagine the level of nervous excitement I had goin’ on all up in me…”all up in me?” Hmm. All I can say for that is I’m sorry…Anyway, I got on my plane and suffered through the almost three hour flight to Boston. I say suffered because I HATE AIRPLANES! Well, I guess it’s not so much the airplanes themselves that I hate, it’s what you do in them that turns me into a four year old. Flying is the effing worst, and no matter how many statistics everyone throws at me, I’m still convinced the plane is going to crash every. single. time. It’s one of the few things that I am an absolute child about. Honestly, I think I was whimpering louder than the infant 2 rows back from me. 

I arrived in Boston safely (to my dismay) around 11:30, and waited patiently for my man to meet me at baggage claim. Oh yeah, Christopher Columbus waited patiently as well 🙂


Once my dude babe showed up, we, well, sat in the airport for over an hour devouring muffins and coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. Naturally. Once that was digested, we made our way to Cambridge for some lunch at John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale House in Harvard Square.

This place had two of my favorite things: good food and great beer. They brew all of their own craft beers in house, and we took advantage of the opportunity to try two of them – the JH Pale Ale and the Balrog Black IPA. I love IPAs and I love black lagers, but I had never tasted what seemed to be a sort of combination of the two. I was more than satisfied with my decision; it was delicious – the right amount of hoppy with a smooth, malty finish. Yummy. The Pale Ale was also a good selection. I only had a sip or two, but I know the guy drinking it was without complaints. Can’t you tell by these pictures?


And the food…My man friend had the Fish & Chips and I had “The Whitman.” I’m positive this isn’t Paleo, but I hadn’t had a good burger in a while (and this thing was goo-oo-ood!), so I didn’t care. You’ll see that I didn’t care to follow my Paleo diet for the entirety of this visit, actually.


Yes, I did get a huge ramekin of ranch for my fries. Ok, it was actually a regular size ramekin, but it looks ginormous in this picture, right? It’s almost the size of my burger, at least from this vantage point. Anybody see that movie? It was kinda lackluster (especially the end), very much unlike my ranch.

After lunch, we walked around Harvard Yard as my man pointed out interesting and/or historic buildings on campus, including the Science Center, Memorial Hall, and William James Hall (which is our personal favorite because it just looks so out of place). He’s a phenomenal tour guide, that guy of mine 🙂 We then strolled over to the Charles River on the other side of Harvard Square and watched some rowers for a few minutes, but only a few minutes. Those rowers must have been out of their minds because it was cold as all get out that day! Of course we didn’t take a picture of them, but good news for you, we took a picture of us instead!


Once picture time was over, we headed back to his place to take it easy and get ready for my friend Dave to come over that night.

Here’s what ensued instead:


There’s really nothing to be said here, except MATCHING ONESIES!!! So…moving on…

We finished up with those shenanigans, then my friend Dave came over before we all went out to Hong Kong. The group for the evening consisted of me, Dave, my man, and my man’s two roomies, Gary and Amanda (they’re the best :)).

I hadn’t seen Dave in at least two years so it was great to spend some time with him 🙂


So, as I mentioned, we went to Hong Kong that night, which is a three level Chinese restaurant, lounge, and dance club. I don’t know if you read that correctly, but this place is a three level Chinese restaurant, lounge, and dance club. I just wanna know where it’s been all my life. Probably where it’s always been: where it is. Logic.

We all had lots of fun hanging out, people watching, and dancing upstairs before we decided we were hungry and headed downstairs for some grub. I guess we probably drank a little too much upstairs, because I can’t come up with any reason we would have done something like this otherwise…


I don’t think a unit of measurement exists for that amount of Chinese food. Absurd, right? Although I will say, without a doubt, that was by far the best Crab Rangoon I’ve ever eaten. Ever.

After an extremely eventful (and late) night, Dave was a sweetheart and drove us home. He’s the best. Thanks, Dave!

Day 1 in Boston was a lot of fun – I got to ride the T, walk around Harvard’s campus, meet Gary and Amanda (finally!), wear my onesie for the first time, hang out with Dave again, eat and drink lots of good stuff, and most importantly, spend time with my man.

Stay tuned for Boston, Day 2. I know you’re dying to know what happens next!

– Rebekah

p.s. So what do you think? Better late than never?

7 thoughts on “Boston, Day 1

  1. Yay! Boston! My boy lives up there too and I will be going up to school there, and honestly probably live out the rest of my life there. The Hong Kong is AWESOME. I think they have a couple locations. I went to the one by faneuil hall, I think there is one in Cambridge too. I know though, Chinese food, dance club, karaoke bar, can’t ask for much else. Except, never eat the chicken on a stick the man sells from a bucket. Worst food poisening in the world.

    • How awesome! So you know how I feel then. Where will you be going to school? Boston is a great city – I used to visit my grandparents up there all the time – I definitely missed it. We went to the one in Cambridge and I can’t wait to go again. Haha! I’ll be sure to pass that information along so he doesn’t eat that chicken, bleh! Sounds awful 😦

    • Wow, both of those places look amazing! I’ll be back there next month so we’ll definitely have to try one of those. Thanks for the suggestions!

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