Marinated Mushrooms

I’m not sure marinated is the correct description but I’m over the term ‘sautéed’. I use it too much. Just work with me here, k?

Balsamic (Paleo) Marinated Mushrooms


I came home late last night after a disastrous haircut that left me wildly angry with a rumbling in my tummy! Rather than cook up something big, I snacked on fruit and also cooked up some mushrooms that were on the verge of death.

1 grocery store container of white, sliced mushrooms
4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon olive oil
lots of pepper
a couple sprinkles of Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt

I let the olive oil and balsamic vinegar sit in the pan and heat up and added the seasonings to the mixture before dumping my mushrooms in. Once the mushrooms were in, I let them sauté for roughly ten minutes. I flipped tem all around to make sure they all soaked up the balsamic.


It almost looks like soup because the balsamic bubbles up and really does almost create a marinade. 🙂

I tasted them after about 10 minutes and they were perfect so I took them off the heat and plated them.


I am pretty pleased with how they turned out and can assure you that I’ll be making them regularly until I over do it and get sick of them! I do that a lot. I also recommend letting them serve as a salad topping (I’m doing it today so you know it’s the cool thing to do!). They really amp up the flavor and the balsamic adds such a robustness. 🙂

As I was cleaning up, I neglected to remember that my responsible roommate had previously informed me about our stopped up sink and broken garbage disposal. Forgetting this detail, I went about my usual clean up process as if nothing was wrong. I ran the dishwasher thinking I was being a helpful roomie… But 30 minutes later…This was our sink…


It’s a FLOOOOOOOD! Head for the hills!!!!




My fault. I’m a bad roomie (I steal food, I don’t listen to warnings about malfunctioning kitchen devices, I throw things at her…). Anyway, I guess our apartment complex doesn’t consider this emergency enough to come out at 12:30 am so hopefully it’ll get taken care of today.

Sorry, Bek! 🙂


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