Pre Race Fuel

Some motivation, first, before we get started:



Ever since I ran my marathon, I’ve been sort of in a hiatus from running. I miss it dearly and in spite of my injury, am trying to figure out how to work around the fact that my main source of working out is on a break right now. Tough stuff, but something I’m working on. It sucks to feel pain every time I try to run and I’m struggling, mentally, with this minor roadblock in my ever changing fitness career.

Now to counteract that, I’ll talk about a 5K I did this weekend! I love 5K’s because they’re over before you know it. To get ready, I mixed up a sludge looking smoothie.


In spite of its less than appetizing color, it was quite divine. Here’s what went in:

Sludgy Smoothie
1.5 frozen bananas
3/4 carton of fresh strawberries (inspiration for a smoothie after seeing how yummy they were at the grocery store!)
a HUGE handful of spinach
1/2 cup of Simply Apple juice

Put everything into the blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Adjust quantities if desired.


This served two people and tasted delicious.


With that in our bellies, my boyfriend and I set out to run the RaceTrac 5K. It was a rather cheap event and it was close by so we signed up. Let me just preface this rant with the fact that I’m typically the happiest person in the world after a race because it’s such a great feeling of accomplishment, but this race left me bitter, angry and frustrated.

The parking situation was a real hassle. The bib pick up was inconvenient. But those two things aren’t that big of a deal. What WAS a BIG DEAL was that the race was only 2.85 miles long. NOT A 5K!!

NOT a 5K!

One more time, in bold, so everyone understands:

NOT A 5K!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I couldn’t believe when I saw the finish line that my Garmin read 2.8. I was thinking, surely, there must be another loop around to get to that 3.1? Nope, there surely wasn’t. Granted, that isn’t a huge difference in reality, but typically, and maybe this is just me, races are set up to donate to a good cause, first and foremost, but to also provide a course for runners/walkers to RACE a certain distance for time. The official finish time I received is not accurate and does not reflect a full 5K. I. Am. Mad.

The only redeeming quality (well, aside from the charitable cause of the race), was the goody bag and all the wonderful vendors providing tons of free stuff afterward.


Let’s see, we got two bottles of NesQuik, tons of beef jerky, gum, lots of pretzels, bowls, sports bars, candies, drinks, Oreos and several other yummy items. Plus, there was a cool water bottle and t-shirt, which lessened the blow of the distance shortcoming. While the goody bag didn’t make up entirely for the race error, it did aid my temper. 🙂

Another aid in my mood was the beautiful weather. Shortly after the 5K, the boyfriend and I headed to Piedmont Park for a day in the glorious sun and kickball.


We weren’t the only ones with the notion that the beautiful day merited some time outdoors! The park was poppin.


Yessssss the weather is FINALLY getting more glorious. Enjoy your day folks!


4 thoughts on “Pre Race Fuel

  1. Bummer that your 5k was not actually a 5k :/ But that goodie bag is definitely loaded with fun stuff! And my smoothies pretty often come out being crazy thick too. Oh well, they still taste good and seem more filling!

    • Exactly! Oh trust me, I’m all over letting the race directors know it was not a 5K! 🙂 It was a total bummer.

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