My Roomie, Part 2

Per our usual belligerence, this is a post in retaliation to THIS POST. Oh yes, that happened so now this will be happening. 🙂

Brace yourselves for this. You guys are probably familiar with this girl by now:


Such a beauty, huh? So debonair and suave, too. 🙂

When she’s not being fancy, she colors on herself for fun and wears green glow stick earrings! (I included the link so you, too, can be just like Bek!)


She loves the beach.


Uh oh. Did she see a leech?


Oh, and she enjoys bananas on car rides home.


And hummus wraps to help her use her comb.


She also enjoys an occasional almond snack.


And at times, lets me know to just give up and go back.

PicMonkey Collage


She has lots of friends…



And this is not where it ends!

Her smile is sweet and she’s a real treat. Too bad we don’t have the same size feet.


As roomies, we share clothes, so long as we don’t turn into hoes. 🙂

She likes to snuggle, but unfortunately, cannot juggle. (It’s why she considers her life incomplete.)


She has a man, but even better, she has a big fan! (The Senator!)


She does the manual labor in our house…


…but she will freak if she finds a mouse!


So, in short, she’s the best. With this I do not jest. 😉


I have the best friend, roomie, and co-blogger in the world.

I only wish my hair was as pretty as hers when it’s curled. (I even tried to take it…)


Have a fantastic weekend!


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