Some Like It Hot Body Challenge 2013

Some Like It Hot

So, my man and I have decided to put together a nice, friendly healthy living challenge. I have to emphasize that word in order to remind him of the nature of this beast because we’ve already been talkin’ some mad smack to each other. I’m not sure what mad smack is per se, but whatever your interpretation, that’s what we’ve been doing. Aaaaaand, it’s only Day 2, which means this is gonna get old. Fast. Hopefully he relents. He better, anyway. I mean, unless he just enjoys getting his butt kicked by a girl.

Oh, yeah! The reasoning behind this challenge is that we’ve both gained a feeeew pounds in the last couple weeks and aren’t exactly happy with ourselves right now (habits, appearances, etc.). So, we decided this would be a fun way to get back to where we want to be. It also doesn’t hurt that this little challenge ends right before summer begins 🙂 While I’m not all about  the HURRY HURRY HURRY, SUMMER IS COMING!!! diet, I do want to look good in a swim suit. Being strict with myself over the next 10 weeks is a good way to get there, and for all intents and purposes, this is a pretty strict challenge.

I took the idea from The Whole Life Challenge I did late last year (which I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a healthy and effective catalyst for a complete life change). It’s much stricter than the one we’re doing here, especially in terms of what you can and cannot eat, but there’s a similar goal in mind: good overall health through accountability. I think that’s the most important part of this whole thing – accountability. If I cheat all the time and don’t accept the repercussions, I’m only hurting myself. You have to hold yourself accountable for the things you put in your body and your level of activity. No one else is going to do it for you; it’s your responsibility!

So, without further ado, I present to you the…


THE GAME: The player with the greatest loss (percentage-wise) in BMI and body measurements is the winner (a.k.a. me :)).


  • 10 Week Challenge (March 27 – May 29)
  • 5 Workouts/Week
  • Set Meal Plan, variance allowed *


  • Make It Hot Motivation – Each player begins with 3 food cheats and 2 workout freebies. (A “cheat” is something obviously unhealthy or overtly unaligned with your meal plan (i.e. a cookie or, for me, an entire red velvet cake), and a “freebie” gets you out of one workout for the week.)


  • Get It Hot, Cool It Off – A 6th workout one week allows for one fewer workout in any following week, with no less than 4 workouts allowed in any one week.
  • Feed The Fire – 2 perfect weeks (both food and fitness) in a row earns you one food cheat (i.e. that whole red velvet cake – ok, ok, I keed).


  • Some Like It…Twice As Hot – If both players miss a workout in the same week, each player loses a single delicious food item for the following week – opponent’s choice, muahaha! (i.e. “lentils,” not “beans.”)
  • Burn Through Your Pockets 😦 – If only one player misses a workout, that player must purchase one day’s supply of food for his/her opponent.
  • Burning Bad Calories – For each additional food cheat, that player must run one additional mile that week.

* Set Meal Plan, variance allowed – we’re each following very different diet plans. I will be following the Paleo diet, and my variance will be, for example, having goat cheese or beans on a salad, a meal with quinoa, or some Greek yogurt. So, basically, things that are still healthy, but just don’t exactly fall into the realm of our specific diets. My man dude is doing more of a vegetarian-Paleo combination with very little meat added. His diet is much less restrictive, so let’s just hope it works to my advantage when he decides his “variance” can be something off the Dollar Menu at McDonald’s. Did you click that link? Bleh!

That’s basically it. I’m sure there will be small tweaks and changes made as we mosey along, or rather, as I rock his socks off with my indomitable level of success. I’ll be sure to let all 6 of you know how it’s going as we’re progressing. We’re already sucking at this – we haven’t taken any measurements yet. I think you’re supposed to do that before you start things like this. Could be wrong, though. There’s always a 100% chance of that with me.

– Rebekah

4 thoughts on “Some Like It Hot Body Challenge 2013

    • It’s definitely going to be intense! But it’s completely mental, and after doing that whole life challenge (that was rough!), I think I can do anything. Thanks for the encouragement. He’s goin’ down!

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