How to Make a Salad

And also, why I hate grocery shopping.

Shopping carts.

I HATE them. I loathe them. I can’t explain it – trust me, I’ve tried. I just can’t stand the thought of pushing around a cart while trying to figure my grocery stuff out. It drives me crazy. I need two hands in the field at all times. My whole life it has worked out really well – I have always either needed minimal things (a shopping basket is 100% approved) OR I’ve gone with someone who will push the cart for me.

Or, they can make something like this and I may consider it:



Last night, neither of these situations happened and it was my worst nightmare come true: I had to push my own grocery cart.


That’s a picture I sent several people asking if they could help me via text last night. No one stepped up to the plate so I had to push through on my own. It was tragic. And gross. And I hated it. I left it a few times only to remember I had delicious food inside and had to find it again. I do not get along with shopping carts.

It didn’t sit well with me, especially after I had such a crappy run. You guys, running when the wind is physically moving your body is no fun. It was my first run after my marathon and it was tough because of the weather and because my joints just don’t feel 100% yet. Oh well, it was still nice to get out there and get in 4 miles. The Senator was happy about it too and graced the couch (AKA his throne) for the rest of the night.


Dude. His eyes are SO creepy. Ew. Gross.

After that belligerence at the store, I got home to make a delicious and hearty salad for lunch today (like I do every night!). This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me (or anyone who has read this blog enough) but I thought that it may be helpful to go step by step on how to prepare a delectable salad for lunch the next day.

Step 1 – Put your choice of lettuce at the bottom. I chose both spinach and baby spring mix.

20130325_202248  20130325_202252

Step 2 – Assembly time, and I’ll do one ingredient at a time here. There is no method to this madness, just whatever flavors I’m feeling at the store will be my toppings for the salad.



Shredded Carrots


Bean Sprouts


Cherry Tomatoes, Chickpeas & Corn (Three C’s!)


Water Chestnuts


Sliced Beets & Olives


Red Peppers + Feta Cheese




And POOF! You have yourself a salad with plentiful toppings. The more colorful a salad, the more likely you’re satisfying many nutritional needs. I also made a Paleo version for my Paleo roomie and co blogger, Bek! Hers included spinach and baby spring mix, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and avocados.


And now it’s approaching lunch time and I’m getting excited to eat! 🙂 I should add, too, that I use my home made dressing which makes this salad eons better than if I were to use store bought dressing. Didn’t you already read about how my narcissism knows no end? When it comes to bragging about my dressing creations, this still reigns true.


4 thoughts on “How to Make a Salad

    • Omg I thought I was the only one! Ha that’s a great tactic! I totally wanted to go to Trader Joe’s to get some cookie butter last night but I needed more things and went to Kroger instead. I will be getting it ASAP though and reporting back to you about it! Yay

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