Help, I’m Addicted to Sugar

Yummy Chobani yogurt has been frequenting my life lately. I am a snob about yogurt. It must be Chobani or I won’t eat it. I don’t know why. In fact, I don’t know why I do most of what I do anymore. I need to find some logic ASAP. Back to my point, I’ve been loving it a lot lately! Recently I’ve noticed two new flavors and had to try them: banana and pear.

photo (16)

photo (19)

Almost immediately, I fell in love. Let me better explain this. I am an admitted sugar addict. Cake, cookies, candies – in any form, I love sugar filled treats. It’s a bad addiction and I struggle everyday with it (between 2 and 4 pm, to be exact). It’s a craving that strikes – and it strikes hard. I succumb to the power of sugar and give in almost everyday.

Alas, enter my superhero, Chobani.

This week, instead of meandering downstairs to the local shop to purchase Skittles, frozen yogurt, cookies or Shockers (which by the way, who knew still existed?), I’ve been popping open a package of Chobani. Now, I know this is not complete sugar omission, but it sure as heck beats the prior behavior.

I also credit my ability to use self control for this, but the yogurt certainly aids my self control.

photo (18)

And, I topped the banana flavor with fresh banana slices to amp it up a bit which really helped my sugar craving. Though I must admit, the pear flavor really made its way to being my favorite flavor after just one bite. My favorite used to be the blood orange but it is now the pear flavor. D-E-lightful. It doesn’t hurt that I get to devour this yummy lunch before my yogurt snack, either:

photo (15)

This packed salad includes the following:

Sliced cucumbers
Shredded carrots
Broccoli sprouts (I don’t have a verdict about these yet, they’re new to me and I’m unsure of their true flavor)
Kidney, black and Northern beans
Sliced beets
Sliced avocado
Sliced black olives
Gorgonzola cheese
And, naturally, my homemade dressing. 🙂

photo (21) 

So, thanks to Chobani and my conscious effort to minimize my sugar intake, I’m doing great this week! 🙂 If that keeps up through the weekend then we’ll really be in business.


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