Morning Sunshine!

So I used to be a bit of smoothie junkie. What I mean is I would have a smoothie for almost every meal – breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner. And to me, a smoothie can really incorporate all nutrients if you do it right so I was hooked and addicted. But, as soon as it started getting cold, I gave up the habit. They didn’t hit the spot anymore because they chilled me right down to my bones.

Alas, Georgia has graced us with some decent weather lately and my smoothie cravings are slowly but surely coming back in FULL swing. Fair warning: the next couple of months will probably be painful if you can’t stand smoothies. 🙂

Tropical Mango Smoothie

So this one was just a test run to see if I still had the skills and hadn’t lost them over my hiatus from smoothies – I found this out: I DO, I DO!

photo (11)

This made two smaller smoothies but certainly enough to tide me over until lunch time.

1 fresh mango
1 fresh peach
2 frozen bananas (freeze them WITHOUT the peels or you’ll be wasting those bananas!!) I love frozen bananas, they are the BEST!
heaping handful spinach
a couple of ice cubes
1/3 cup water, or enough to get everything moving in the blender

I like to cut everything up before I throw it in the blender so that it all gets smoother faster.

PicMonkey Collagesmoothie

The mango stole the show. It was perfectly ripe and so yummy! So I put all those things together in the blender (everything EXCEPT the spinach) and let it blend up. Then I add the spinach last.

photo (10)

After it’s all mixed up, I poured it out and devoured it! 🙂 You probably would too!

photo (13)

Yum x Yum x Yum = YUMMY. Did anyone take real math?

photo (14)

Let me know if you ever make this little guy – it’ll do you some good and you can’t even taste the spinach.


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