Another Ode…To Grapefruit!

Oh dear sweet fruit

You are like stolen loot.

You taste like sunshine

And you are all mine.

Every morning I look forward to you

You are the one thing that remains true.


I take you to work with me

You’re cute and you grow on a tree.

You smell so sweet but taste a little sour

You hold all the power.

I can’t imagine life without you

Because that would make me go, “Boo-hoo!”


Your different colors are so pretty

I’m glad you’re NOT itty bitty!

Everyday I long for your flavor

You improve my behavior!


My mouth waters when I get ready to eat

Though I must say, eating you is quite the feat.

You are messy when I’m at work

Good think I don’t lurk.

I still struggle with ways to eat you

But it’s worth it if I’m blue.

Because you make me smile

And I hope this relationship lasts a while!


Many thanks to grapefruit for all the health benefits and exciting flavors it provides. 🙂

There is nothing that can possibly improve this post anymore because it is just SO awesome, so I won’t try.


7 thoughts on “Another Ode…To Grapefruit!

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