Circuit Fun and Shamrock ‘N Roll

Last night was spent with the infamous Art With Ms. K, or, Mollie! Since it was raining outside, we had to change our plans from a run to something else. But first, let me show you guys how innovative I am – my makeshift umbrella to take The Senator outside in:

PicMonkey Collage

What’s the opposite of cute? Oh, me? Yea, I guess you’re right. Good thing my hair still somehow managed to get wet, so at least we know I’m both smart and pretty. When Rebekah and I are mocking each other’s levels of intelligence, we tell each other that while we may not be smart, we are at the very least pretty. Or, if one of us looks atrocious, we say, “At least you’re really smart.” It’s one or the other in this situation people. Achieving both statuses is quite the task and accomplishment – makes me proud! It’s quite the condescending and simultaneously loving relationship we have going on. I’m a lucky girl to have such a sweet roommate. 🙂

After The Senator and I battled the awful downpour outside, I ventured over to Mollie’s for some exercise and fun. She prepared her dinner so that when we got back from the gym, it’d be ready to serve! How adorable. I sat like a lazy fool and watched her.


Look you guys! I put pretty pink shoelaces in my sweet new shoes. That makes them much prettier. After Mollie finished preparing her dinner, we hit up the gym with her roommate.


Clearly it was a torrential downpour last night. Anyway, faced with the tough decision of what I could possibly do, I opted for some bonding time with the treadmill and followed a workout from my favorite blog, the PBFingers blog.



After I completed that, I did this!


It was fun to keep on working out without any sort of plan – just going until I couldn’t go anymore. Plus, I was really feeling the gym last night so I had a blast completing this workout.

Now, shall we back up to my 5K this past weekend? Oh you don’t think so? Too bad. Here it comes: The Shamrock ‘N Roll 5K.PicMonkey Collage33

I ran it with my boyfriend and my best friend – always the best kind of race when you’re with some of the best people in the world.

PicMonkey Collage4444

The course was incredibly hilly at mile 1.75 and it rocked my world. Nonetheless, it was a fun course with a few fun challenges. Though it wasn’t my best time, I had fun getting dressed up and hanging out with my friends. It was a glorious day and it felt great to knock out exercise early in the morning, on a SUNDAY no less! Enjoy the day ahead folks.


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