4th and Swift

Friday night my family and I went out to dinner at 4th and Swift (located in the Old 4th Ward) in Atlanta for my sister’s birthday. Our older sister is a server at this restaurant so we all thought it appropriate to celebrate her birthday there, allowing everyone to partake in the festivities. Ok, there were no festivities, it was just dinner, but a festive dinner at that…Maybe it was just dinner.

I arrived first, so, naturally, I started drinking immediately. They have a versatile cocktail menu that is sure to satisfy everyone’s palate, even my girly, fruity I-don’t-wanna-taste-the-liquor palate. in other words, I can’t really appreciate darker liquors, so I opted for one of their lighter options: The Other Shore.


This was perfect for me. It was light, citrus-y, unique, and it had some of that alcohol stuff in it – all the makings of a great cocktail.

Soooo, I’ve been pretty strict with my diet the past few weeks, eating only Paleo with a minuscule exception strewn about here and there. However, after you see the following pictures, you’ll understand why, instead of practicing self-restraint (do they teach you that in yoga?), I ate the crap out of all of it.

You can view their Market and Seasonal menus here. And I would recommend you do, because I’m about to butcher the description of every single one of the dishes we ordered.

To start, we picked out a few of their Small Plates:


A selection of Artisanal cheeses – We had gouda, goat cheese, bleu cheese, and ________. Not sure what that last one was. Obviously. Anyway, there was no way I wasn’t having cheese. I validated my decision to eat it by saying (both out loud and to myself) that there are plenty of people who eat Paleo and incorporate dairy into their diets. Further, I knew that the only proper way to eat the cheese was by stuffing it into two bread rolls…I’m still racking my brain for a validation for that one.


Fried Apalachicola Oysters – I do not like oysters. I love most every other seafood, but I do not like oysters. Yum yum yum to shrimp, lobster, crab, mussels, crawfish, and scallops, not so much clams, and definitely not oysters. Did I mention I don’t like oysters? Ok, well, despite that FACT, I tried one of these and…drum roll…I wasn’t mad about it. Really, it was quite delectable, and I’ll even go as far as to say I was a bit surprised by just how much I actually enjoyed it. Look at me tryin’ new thangs!


Crispy Brussels Sprout & North Georgia Apple Salad – Three letters: Y. U. M. Or you could go with some all too appropriate onomatopoeias like chomp, crunch, munch, om nom nom, and slurp. At least those are appropriate for what I did to these poor veggies. Li’l guys didn’t have a fighting chance.

For my entree (are you guys ready for this?), I tried something new – again! Twice in one night, you say? Why, that’s poppycock! Ah, but it’s not. You see, I did indeed try something else new. Ready to find out what it was?




Pan Roasted Duck Breast – In trying to keep it as Paleo as possible, I replaced the Parsnips “Macaire” with their vegetable of the day, which was homegrown Red Russian Kale. It also came with Braised Tatsoi and a Sour Cherry-Soy Mostarda that complemented the flavor of the duck impeccably. So not ALL Paleo, but mostly, and I was completely satisfied with that adjective when it came to this dinner. Oh, yeah, and I really like duck. I don’t think I had ever eaten it before, but I can’t quite remember. I know that I had no desire to try it until I randomly ordered it with a shrug and a “why not?” the other night. The complexities of my decision-making processes cannot possibly be understood through the capacity of human cognitive abilities, so don’t try. Jeez, I suck.

What good is a birthday if you don’t get to have one of these?


You guessed it: Squash Cheesecake. No? Not what you guessed? Yeah, how strange is that? Well, really only the name is, because pumpkin is a squash and we’ve all heard of pumpkin cheesecake. The name just throws you off for a moment until you think about it that way. That said, this was really effing amazing. Yeah I tried it. No it’s not Paleo. I thought we went over this.

Our entire experience at 4th and Swift, from drinks to dessert, was phenomenal. If you’re in the Atlanta area, or ever visit the area, this is a great choice for a special evening out. Treat Yo’self!

– Rebekah

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