Running Shoe Review + Saturday Shenanigans

You know, as a runner, I have yet to really talk about products I love on the blog. You can see I have lots of pink gear, but what else? (Really, probably, nothing else important…)

But really, I do care about running products. As a new-ish runner, I have gone through a minimal amount of shoes – but my first pair were definitely my best. This is them. Ugly, but functional. I miss them. When it was time to retire them, I went with the same shoe, just the upgrade. I thought I would love them just as much but after 2.5 months of using them, I gave up. They weren’t working out and I had to say adios. Plus, they were uglier than the first pair:



Anyway, I ventured over to Big Peach Running in Brookhaven for some advice and hopefully a new set of kicks.


Ah, what a successful and fulfilling trip that was. The man who helped me (AH, forgot his name) was very well versed on my injury and gave me plenty of ample advice for my marathon THIS WEEKEND! SCARY! He also sold me a pair of shoes that I have found to be wonderful, so far. I’ve only done 11 miles in them – but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Love.

PicMonkey Collage

They aren’t the cutest, but they are fully functional. They are the new Adidas Boost running shoes. To be perfectly frank, I am a brand snob at times. When the shoeboxes came out, I immediately thought, “I’ll be getting the Mizuno Wave Riders, they’re everyone’s favorite!”

Seriously – good thing I didn’t. They weren’t the best feeling shoe (not the worst, either). But, you guys, these new shoes… They are something else.



My first run with them was fantastic – they really do make me go fast (says every child wanting a new pair of shoes from their parents). But in all honesty, they didn’t make my shins and ankles hurt the way the Asics do. So far, they are SO good. Here’s hoping a change in shoes the week before the race doesn’t end up biting me in the butt.

PicMonkey Collage1

My average pace was FAST on Saturday – my last longer run until the marathon! It was also a glorious day to be outside, perfect temperatures. I ran in that yellow tank top seen above and shorts! I love when I catch glimpses of the skyline during my runs – it just makes me feel so excited about running!

I decided to pamper myself afterward with some Tin Drum!


I got Pad Woo Sen. Yum. Plus, I was shopping with this girl right here, which made it an even better lunch time. Then we met up with another friend to get our nails done! Look how cute we all are, y’all!

PicMonkey Collage3

Lovely ladies! What a great way to spend Saturday! 🙂

Now I beg the question – what shoes do you run in and why?


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