All Hot E’erything

Hot thing #1: No caption necessary


Those were the options for my appearance yesterday. Guess which one I went with.

Like most mornings, I decided I would rather spend more time cooking breakfast and less time making myself look presentable for work. I feel sorry for everyone who has to see me throughout the day on a regular basis. I think I’m really only talking to Meghan here; everyone else has stopped returning my calls because of this very issue. I digress.

We didn’t really have too much typical breakfast stuff, so I tried to get creative with a sweet potato. I looked up a recipe for sweet potato hash browns, and as I was typing, Google suggested a recipe that involved the most heavenly combination of words I’ve ever read: Sriracha Sweet Potato Hash Browns. Aaaaaaahhhhhh. Can you hear the angels singing??

Hot thing #2: Sriracha Sweet Potato Hash Browns

This is a recipe by Karen from Soup Addict. Hers looks wayyyyy better than mine, so I’m going to post a few of my own pictures, but really you should just ignore them and go look at hers instead – they’re making me salivate and I am stuffed right now. Impressive, Karen, impressive. Plus she made hers with a poached egg, but I didn’t have time for that (I had to AT LEAST take a shower) so I topped mine with a basic over-medium egg.


The recipe called for Cumin but we don’t have any, so I didn’t use any. Makes sense, right? If you don’t have something, then you can’t use it. I am the best with my words. Apparently Meghan’s ex-boyfriend kept the Cumin she bought. I imagine it playing out like this: “I’m breaking up with you.” “Yeah…well…(scratches head, looks for big boy words) I’m keeping the Cumin!! Take that!” I may be way off base here.


Again, if you don’t know by now, Meghan and I like pretty much everything extra, extra crippie!


I love this recipe. I really only eat a few different things for breakfast (eggs being the main feature of all of them), so it was nice to try out a new variation that I can add into the rotation. This was a great combination of sweet and spicy. I’ll probably even add a little more sriracha next time for just an added kick. You know we’re freaks about that stuff. Oh, and i’m sure a poached egg is the way to go for this dish, so I’ll be sure to make that happen next time. Maybe I’ll get up early enough one of these days. But probably not.

Hot thing #3: Red Hot Yoga


Last night Meghan, Mollie, and I all went to Red Hot Yoga for a 7:30 Bikram yoga class.

I don’t particularly care for yoga in general. I’m a very spastic, hyperactive, loud, and fidgety person (as I’m sure you can gather by now), so it’s difficult for me to just lie down in a dimly lit room – likely in the middle of the day – with a bunch of strangers and “relax” or “clear my mind.” I understand why people like yoga, especially if you’re good at it, but it’s just not my thing. So, after trying regular yoga and deciding it wasn’t for me, it took me a little while to convince myself that I actually had any sort of desire to try all of the aforementioned aspects of yoga again, except this time, in a hot, sweaty, slippery, smelly room with 30 other people. In all actuality, I was excited to try hot yoga because one of my more prevalent annoyances with regular yoga was that I didn’t feel like I was doing much with regard to fitness. Of course, there are great physical benefits to yoga, but my problem was that I didn’t feel like I was getting any of those benefits (except maybe flexibility). If I can’t do some sort of strength training, cardio circuit, or something else with even the slightest level of intensity, then I at least want to be sweating. Just a little. Like, one drop. C’mon, yoga! Ugh. Ok, so that’s ultimately why I decided I would try hot yoga. If I’m sweating, then I’m going to like it, right? Wrong.

I don’t really like hot yoga either. I think yoga just isn’t my thing. I tried doing it to be quiet, peaceful, have time for myself, etc. while still feeling like I was getting something out of it physically, but the former just isn’t me, so I stopped trying at that part of it. Instead, I decided I would use this activity solely for the purposes of physical fitness. Stretch it out. Sweat it out. Burn some calories. Well, surprisingly, I still didn’t like it. So, then I took a hiatus from yoga all together.

And then I went back to it about two weeks ago. Last week’s class was pretty good, I must say. But, last night’s class was…let’s see, how should I put this? Imagine the most nonchalant, incompetent teacher you’ve ever had mixed with being drenched in your own sweat from head to toe, and add to that the feeling that you could straight-up pass out at any moment (because he doesn’t know how to turn on the fans – the incompetent part). Now, put those together for an hour and a half. That sucked. I think Mollie put it best when her first comment after the class was “I’m offended.” Dude teaching our class was a sub for our regular teacher. Hopefully she never misses another day of work ever again.


Who is that, you ask? Yeah I can’t tell either because the camera on my phone sucks so effing bad. Anyway, here we are, sweaty and frustrated.

We’re both sore today from that class – he had us hold our poses entirely too long.

Aside from soreness due to starting yoga for the first time, does anyone else regularly feel sore the next day?

– Rebekah

3 thoughts on “All Hot E’erything

  1. I felt sore both outside and in. My outsides were sore from stretching in a room that I imagine was at least the temperature of a new baby star being born out of cosmic dust. And my insides were sore because like I said, I was offended. Dudeman’s poor teaching hurt my soul.

    In other news, all of this hotness has me all hot and bothered and I think that recipe looks especially yummy! 🙂

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