Half Marathon

Well if anyone is over hearing about me running on the weekends, this will not be the post for you. 🙂 Or, you can just scroll to the bottom where I show you some yummy food!

This weekend, at 7:30 am on Saturday, I ran a half marathon!



Phidippides hosted a half marathon preview run for the marathon that’s coming up in two weeks. I joined two friends to tackle the hilly course – nice and early, and in SNOW, no less!


Those are snow flakes, okay? It was a frigidly cold run but it was a run I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a short tour of several unique spots throughout the city, including Inman Park, Little 5 Points and Virginia Highlands. It was so much fun and I had a great pace once I broke through the crowds. Happy half marathon! 🙂 I didn’t do anything too fast, but I averaged a 9:45 pace with a finish time around 2:07. I’ll take it – the course was as hilly as it was fun!

And to top it off, I won a $10 Publix gift card at the end! Thank you Publix!! Plus, there were mimosas and tons of food. Overall, it was a great race and I’m so happy I did it.


Laziness, however, ensued for the remainder of the weekend – right down to Publix bourbon salmon. The. Best. Ever.


We tried one with butter and one without. It really doesn’t need it though, it is by far the most exquisite and delicious salmon EVER. Plus, we made some roasted Brussels sprouts.


All plated up…


And, of course, you know I love my salads….And can’t go a single meal without them…


Baby arugula and spinach topped with beets, olives, blue cheese, carrots, snap peas, avocado, cucumber and fresh ground pepper. Oh, and my home made salad dressing, of course.


And I quickly went from having this:


to having this:


I love my salads lately! 🙂

Finally, in conclusion, to sum it up, (hehe), The Senator wanted me to share that he had a tiring weekend full of daunting tasks and took it upon himself to join me in being lazy after Saturday morning.


Sometimes life is hard.


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