I Make the BEST Salads Ever.


Don’t argue.

It’s the truth.


No, you don’t have to wait in line to be my friend. I have plenty of openings. Application fees will be waived if you apply after reading this post! Why do you ask?

Over the past year and a half or so of being a vegetarian, I’ve had to concoct ways to get full nutrition in my meals while simultaneously avoiding any meat. It’s a task I met with excitement and still do today – because really, when you get down to it, who doesn’t just love and adore a hearty, filling, tasty, thirst and hunger quenching salad? If you responded that you don’t, please remove yourself immediately from this blog post (Mollie, I’m talking to Y-O-U). 🙂

From toppings like sliced beets and carrots to jalapeno pretzels and feta, the flavor options are limitless and the combinations are, so far, endless too!


The Traditional “Cola Salad” – ORIGINAL style

Iceberg/Romaine lettuce
black beans
feta/shredded cheddar
jalapeno pretzel bites
home made red wine vinegar dressing


You can also use other types of beans.


The Traditional GOLD EDITION “Cola Salad”

Wow. This was our first blog. Enjoy that link if you click it. Browse around and look at how amateur we were. Good intentions, though, I must say. I digress – the gold edition Cola salad is what’s most important here.

Iceberg lettuce
black beans
pinto beans (optional)
jalapeno pretzel bites
home made Cola dressing


How extraordinary.

Stir Fry Salad

A bed of lettuce – I use hearts of Romaine
stir fry – click link above for details
my home made balsamic dressing (I’m seeing a trend here…)


The Robust, Crazy, FULL of Toppings Salad

This one’s a doozy folks!

Spinach + Arugula (or any mix of dark greens)
feta/blue cheese
sliced beets
sliced carrots
sliced avocado
sliced almonds
sprouts – of any kind
sliced cucumber
my home made Dijon balsamic dressing




You guys.

This salad rocks. As if life couldn’t get any better, it also tastes phenomenal with my favorite beer! Also, this is proof that I don’t live out of Tupperware ALL the time, only some of the time.


Some of these ingredients may not be for you or your taste buds – but hopefully this is somewhat inspirational in helping you create a fun, flavorful salad for yourself. The options really are endless and the possibilities are exciting!

Go. Make. A. Salad. Now. Follower.

For realzzzzz, hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!


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