Roasted Chicken Patties

Having a second job has really thrown my workout routine out of whack. Lately, I’ve managed to get all of 1 1/2 workouts in each week, which is highly unacceptable. I know that I sort of laid out a plan of action for this issue in my Reflections post, but I haven’t exactly executed it yet. Um, oops? It’s just that working as much as I do, on top of having some sort of a life otherwise, gets to be really draining.

That said, I’m super on top of my diet right now – so at least I’m not sucking all the way around – and I’m really trying to get my broke down workout schedule back up an’ runnin’. I’ve also decided that when I do have the opportunity to spend some time in the gym, I’m going to KILL it. And, last night, I feel like I did just that.


This might not look like much, but, um, ouch. My hands haven’t touched weights in so long that I had to reintroduce them to each other. And you know how awkward that is. You’ve met someone, but it was a LONG time ago, so you don’t quite remember, and then you re-introduce yourself, but instead of shaking your hand, the other person says “yeah, I know – we’ve met before,” and you reply “ohhh right, I remember that,” but you don’t really and you both know it, so then it gets weird and you just stand there for a few seconds, eyes darting around for something else to talk about but you can’t find anything because all of a sudden you’re in an empty room with nothing and no one except that person (or so it seems), and you start to sweat, and finally pass out…That’s kinda what it was like to pick up some weights again.

Back to the pain I endured last night – I hated it and loved it simultaneously. Reminds me of when I was doing P90X, and Tony Horton made this comment about Ab Ripper X. Still cracks me up. I really needed something to make my muscles burn and this circuit was more than sufficient. I’m already sore, which means that tomorrow is gonna blow. Yay for being sore instead of being lazy!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot that I was going to post some ridiculous pictures of Meghan since she was so courteous in doing the same for me in this post.

Here’s a pretty tame one:


There’s lots of blue going on in this picture. Not really sure how to feel about it. Maybe I should feel…blue? Sorry. That was really awful. I understand if you never want to come back.

Now, feast your eyes on this bad boy:


Kinda reminds me of this little guy…


Who, strangely enough, has a striking resemblance to someone else I know…

the senator

Basically, what I’m saying is, The Senator looks just like his momma. Proof right there, people: pets look like their owners. Remember this? (skip to 30 sec in.) Ok, c’mon, who doesn’t? I think that’s what everyone thinks of when they see pet/owner lookalikes. I know I do.

Meghan and I walked to Trader Joe’s after our workout and I picked up a new item: Trader Joe’s Roasted Chicken Patties.


It’s just chicken and spices, so it’s Paleo friendly. Plus, it’s a good enough reason to validate concocting this:



So this isn’t really cooking, per se, but here are the ingredients anyway – in ascending order.

Baby spinach
Shredded and roasted brussels sprouts
Sauteed mushrooms
Roasted chicken patty
Goat Cheese

I know that goat cheese isn’t technically Paleo, but I needed something to top off this massive food tower, and of everything in our fridge, the color and flavor of the goat cheese made the decision to add it an easy one.

This was supposed to resemble a bunless sandwich of sorts, but I’m impatient and messy, so it turned into more of a salad than anything else. Oh well, but yum! What a schizophrenic comment.

This was too long.

– Rebekah

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