MegBek Plays Tennis

Ha! 🙂

Get out your laughter now, because this is a really serious post. We played tennis – for real. Here I am trying to hit the ball.


Did I get it?


Nope, let’s try it ONE more time.


Look everyone! I did it!


Thanks to Bek for these lovely pictures. 🙂 Now if you want to see someone who takes tennis very seriously, continue to look at the pictures below.


Is she ready to play?


Apparently so.


She offers professional tennis lessons if anyone is sold on just these pictures alone.


She’s really good.


But look, she really is!


And just to prove to you guys out there actually paying attention to this ridiculousness, we were there with other people, we didn’t just take pictures of each other all day. 🙂 Sorry.


Tennis was so much fun because the weather was stunning (and credit for the idea goes to Jeremy, who continues to make appearances all over this blog). It was in the 60’s, sunny and wonderful. Being outdoors was without a doubt the best option for the day – and it was a great way to be active on a rest day. I bid you adieu now, with one last sales pitch for Bek’s professional tennis lessons service:



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