Run With the Wolves 5K

It’s never a bad Monday when you look back through your weekend and feel nothing but great memories and feelings of accomplishment! Clearly, I’m about to brag – so vacate the website if you’re not into listening to me boast. 🙂

Saturday morning, Mollie and I ran a 5K together. When I tell you that girl never ceases to amaze me and words can’t describe how incredible a runner she is – believe me. 🙂 She is so phenomenal at running and literally sets a new personal best every week. The girl knows how to work it! See for yourselves:


And, of course, to follow suit with the precedent I’ve set of being narcissistic, a picture of yours truly:


All together now!


The course was pretty! It started out uphill, which I enjoyed, because that meant that the finish was completely downhill. Yipee! The scenery was peaceful and serene and it helped that the race was a bit smaller than I’m used to – making it a great way to start the day! After that initial uphill, the course was relatively flat.


Clearly I’m a professional race photographer. But I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to run in the mountains if it looked like that??

I would do this race again – it was cheap, fun and the goody bag was wonderful (it included sun butter, so, duh!).

Following the beauty we started our day with, I made us omelets for some post race protein! I chopped up sweet onions and mushrooms and whisked those into a bowl with three eggs.


I put it all in a pan and let it cook thoroughly and then added some cheese to the middle.


I swear, The Senator seems to think he belongs in the kitchen. Foolish boy.


Begging never accomplishes anything (he got no scraps!).


Look everyone, I can cook with my thumb up! And finally, we pigged out.


Now, my marathon training plan said that I was to run 20 miles. Feeling injured, I wasn’t too inspired to knock it out. In fact, I was nervous all week about it. I hadn’t run all week long (except for a short 1.5 miles to see how I felt on Thursday) and I still felt decent amounts of pain through out my legs. However, after my 5K, I felt rejuvenated, refreshed and confident. I didn’t feel 100%, but I felt significantly better than the weekend before. So I shot to run at least 17 miles to make my daily total 20. I ran down to Georgia State and used their water fountains (hey, I paid tuition for 4.5 years, I can utilize those facilities if I please!):


And I looped around through Piedmont Park. I just can’t get over how much I love seeing the skyline.


I was feeling strong until about mile 13 –  when I completely lost it. I felt weak, sore, tired and discouraged. I pushed through (I had no choice) and made it home for a rough total of 18 miles. I’ll take it! It was not my fastest pace (10:05) but it was the best I could do. Win! Plus, who doesn’t love running with Sour Patch Kids?


So, I accomplished my goal of 20 miles and am finally tapering off my long runs. The marathon I’m running is in a couple of weeks and I’m ready to knock that goal off my bucket list! Phew – it’s been a rough couple of months training for this bad boy and I’ll probably cry tears of joy when I cross that finish line.

Is this long enough of a blog entry for everyone? Yeah, I think so too.


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