Getting Out of Control…

…with my 5K registrations.

In pictures, in chronological order (click on the picture for event details, if you want):








Phew, do you think I like 5K races much? Only because I get to do them with groups of friends, which makes them more social, fun events than anything else. I love that I have a great group of girls to enter silly races with me.

The Run with the Wolves is a race I’m doing as a favor to my mom, the Shamrock n Roll will be GREEN, the Vampire Run sounds scary but awesome, the Color Run sounds fantastic (and I’ve heard nothing but greatness about it) and the Electric Run looks too darn cool to pass up! I am obsessed. I can’t wait for these races over the next couple months (and I’ll likely sprinkle in a few more, here and there). I can’t wait to create outfits of ridiculousness with friends to run in, I can’t wait to run looking like a fool, and I can’t wait to share my runner’s high with all my fabulous friends, fellow blogger included! Hooray for FUN races!


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