How to Make Brussels Sprouts

But first, a little inspiration to really stick to your healthy eating habits this weekend:


Yes people, that’s my style, “Hold the sprinkles please, I need to cut calories!!” I’m disgusting, I know. But a better question to ask yourselves – what is this person holding in this picture??? Odd.

Now, a tutorial on how to make the very best Brussels sprouts you’re ever going to have! This is a MegBek guarantee.*

Trust me, there are numerous ways to prepare Brussels sprouts, but this one really takes the cake for me. You can’t go wrong incorporating a healthy green veggie into any meal.

1. Buy shredded Brussels sprouts from Traders Joe’s. If this is not feasible, buy whole sprouts from any store that carries them. Wash them, cut the stems off of them, and slice them up by hand so they’re ‘shredded’ or throw them in a food processor/blender to shred them.


2. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

3.Put your sprouts in a big Ziploc bag.


4. Measure out roughly 2-4 teaspoons of olive oil – depending on how big your batch is. Put that in the aforementioned Ziploc bag. Add fresh sea salt and fresh ground pepper – amounts are up to you. I load up on the pepper because I like it, but it’s 100% your discretion.


Come on people, make your own decisions.

5. SHAKE the bag of sprouts (after you have hopefully been smart enough to close the baggy). Make sure it’s really mixed well!

6. Pour your sprouts onto a cooking sheet lined with PARCHMENT paper. This is important. Do not use foil or cooking spray, use PARCHMENT paper. Don’t question my authority on this matter, I promise I’m right.

7. Spread the sprouts around as thinly as possible. Put the sheet in the oven. Tell your pet that he/she is not welcome to indulge in this delicious dish, no matter how hard they stare or how incessantly they beg. See how desperate someone is behind me?


8. Set your timer for 15 minutes. When the timer goes off in 15 minutes, check your sprouts. You want them to be slightly browned and crisp but not burnt. I usually move the sprouts around at this point and let them bake for another 5 minutes. I prefer crispy over soggy – but this is another choice that is completely yours.

What did I tell you about being assertive and making your own decisions? Do it.

9. Put an oven mitt on and get those darn things out of the oven.



10. If you’re anything like MegBek, you’ll whip out a fork and just eat them off the pan – because that’s how good they are. If you are civilized, you’ll serve them as a side dish, breakfast item, or by themselves!





*This statement has not been evaluated by both parties of the MegBek entity.

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