MegBek Actually Workout AND Prep Food!

It was such an exciting evening in the MegBek household! We began with a short walk to Trader Joe’s.

photo (1)

It was freezing outside.

PicMonkey Collage

We even brought the Senator – something we won’t be doing again. He was a disgrace to his kind, belligerent and out of control.

photo (5)

He was a real jerk all night long. Oh the tribulations and trials of being a pet owner when the pet is ill behaved…

As we started to unpack, we noticed we had a crap ton of the color green…

2013-02-20_19-27-26_7 (1)

We had chard, spinach, snap peas, Brussels sprouts, arugula, parsley, cilantro and mixed baby lettuce – to name a few. Ridiculous.

Alas, the moment of truth was upon us: it was time to workout.

PicMonkey Collage1111

We did a circuit from our FAVORITE blog that really got our legs burning!



I didn’t think it would be that hard… But it was. Then we danced!


That girl is a natural on the dance floor of the MegBek household. It’s really a treat to enjoy her moves!! 🙂

Following our ridiculousness, we prepped TONS of food for the rest of the week – Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, chicken, salads – everything we could think of! Keep an eye out for a tutorial on how to make the best darn Brussels sprouts ever. That should be coming soon.


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