So Cal Omelet + Asparagus

This morning I decided to make another recipe from The Paleo Cookbook, as seen before in this post. Listen, (Meghan, I’m talking to you) I am well aware that I make omelets more often than any one person should, but there’s a very logical and scientifically sound reason for it: they’re effing delicious.

So Cal Omelet

A. I added asparagus to this recipe, sauteing it in a bit of olive oil for a few minutes first. That was a pretty solid decision.

B. I was cooking for two people this morning, so I decided to be a bit lazy and just make one HUGE omelet instead of two normal-sized omelets.

C. I didn’t add avocado like the recipe called for, but I did add some sriracha instead = not the same. That stuff will be the death of me, but mostly Meghan. If it were acceptable to eat a sole condiment as a meal, she would have nothing but sriracha for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

1 tbs Olive oil
6 Eggs

I didn’t measure how much basil, spinach, and asparagus I used. I just grabbed a handful of each. The more the better as far as I’m concerned. I loaded up on pepper, but only used a dash of sea salt.

1. Chop up your spinach and basil.


2. Chop your asparagus in to thirds and saute with olive oil for about five minutes over  medium heat.


3. Whisk 6 eggs together, pour into a pan, and let cook for a few minutes until slightly firm.

4. Add spinach and asparagus to one side, and basil, salt, and pepper to the other.


5. Fold the side with basil on top of the side with veggies.

6. Cook for another couple minutes, then plate, and enjoy 🙂


I forgot to snap a picture of the massive omelet this produced, but just imagine the above picture twice as big. Unfathomable, I know.

This recipe was scrumptious. For me, the best part was the basil – it has a distinct taste that I can’t get enough of. You would think he played a relatively minor role in this dish, but really, he stole the show. I think this recipe would be even better with a few mushrooms thrown in.

Look, y’all! I cooked. Again. And I didn’t poison anyone.

– Rebekah

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