No, not that kind.


Definitely closer to that!

I’ve decided some major reflection is in order. Let’s begin with this past weekend – the one in which I did a grand total of ZERO workouts, and there was a very positive relationship between time passing and my caloric intake. It looked kinda like this:

Unhealthy Choices Chart

Ok, it looked EXACTLY like that. Honestly, until I was putting that together, I didn’t realize just how much straight-up crap I consumed this weekend. Sugar played Leading lady and, hands down, the role of Leading man goes to dairy. Thanks guys! Maybe they’ll win an Oscar for their performance. Fingers crossed!

I can’t remember the last time I made a poor choice for basically every meal and in between. And I can’t even validate some of it. I mean, who decides it’s a good idea to eat ice cream when it’s 30 degrees outside??


I know it was rhetorical, but the answer is me. I’ll also accept the answers: the loser writing this blog post, the girl who now weighs at least 5 lbs more than before the weekend started, or the cray cray lady with no self control. Surprisingly, those all suffice.

Wannnnnnna see my pizza? You do? Oh ok, if you insist.


Looks good right? It wasn’t. And that was utterly disappointing. The cheesy bread was good, but otherwise this was a pretty lackluster and unsatisfying waste of time, money, and calories. What better way to learn my lesson, right? I’ll remember this for the next time I think “hey, maybe I’ll skip the gym (yet again) and go for some pizza AND cheesy bread.”

So, I binged all weekend. I don’t think I could possibly drive that point home any further, what with that super cool chart and shameful pictures. Therefore, this is where the reflecting comes in to play.

Reflections on Making Poor Nutrition Choices:

  1. I probably shouldn’t try to eat every rich food item in the whole state of Georgia in one weekend’s time. (Insightful, I know.)
  2. I need to get better about limiting myself to 1 cookie, a small portion for dessert, or 1 bad ingredient in my meals.
  3. I need to stop validating my bad decisions with the phrase “it’s ok because I NEVER eat like this.” It’s never ok to eat like that, at least not to that extent.

Something else I’ve been meaning to reflect on is my current job situation. I have a regular 9-5, but I’ve also recently taken up a second job that I will be working at least 4 nights a week until at least 11 o’clock.Taking this into consideration, I need to realistically plan out my workouts – when, how long, and how often they will be. I also need to think through my nutrition situation with regard to working such long hours – shopping, food prep, and meal planning.

Reflections on Healthy Habits While Working Long Hours:

  1. I need to make a workout schedule, write it down, and stick to it!
  2. I need to work out EVERY day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes before I make breakfast – my workouts HAVE to be longer and harder on my days off.
  3. I need to get more sleep so my workouts aren’t worthless.
  4. I need to plan out my meals for the week on Sunday – write them down, go shopping, prep all my ingredients, and take advantage of our mountains of tupperware.
  5. I CANNOT validate eating something unhealthy because “I didn’t have time” to make my meals for the day.
  6. I NEED to get more sleep. (Did I already mention that?)

I feel better just writing it down. You guys are such good listeners! Now for the fun part of actually implementing those things. I’m gonna work on it; I’m going to start by eating healthily at dinner tonight with my family AND by working out when I get home. What what!!

Hope everyone is taking full advantage of all the Girl Scout cookies right now! Shoot. That was probably a counterproductive sentence, wasn’t it? It’s a work-in-progress, people. Plus, part of my reflections today include reflecting on my reflections over some Girl Scout cookies and some milk. So what?

– Rebekah


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