An Ode to Grapes…

…Among other things! 🙂

Dear Grapes,


I love the way you taste

I promise I’ll never let one of you go to waste.

You are so delicious

And hopefully nutritious?


Every time I eat you

My heart melts down like glue.

You are the best fruit ever

Without you, I wouldn’t be this clever.

You even appear in my lunch everyday

Even though it’s outrageous how much I must pay.


Please don’t ever leave my life

In fact, I may ask you to be wife.


Thank you for the joy you give me

I will always love you, my grape tree.

Love, Meghan

Happy Friday, specifically to you, Rebekah! I know how much you love grapes so this poem was intended to make you jealous and your mouth water (Rebekah loathes grapes).


In other relevant, blog worthy news, Rebekah and the Senator have fostered a new kind of relationship with each other: a loving one (as opposed to their active hatred for one another).


They are so sweet together, especially when she’s trying to stretch and he’s trying to play. 🙂 See that look of disapproval she’s giving him? Hmmm…

I ran a 5K for time last night with my boyfriend (it was Valentine’s Day after all, what else were we supposed to do?).



I was pretty pleased with that second mile. I ran one mile to warm up and stretch out and then sprinted to see how fast I could run one mile. Not too shabby… Now to get all my miles that fast…

Someone wanted to wish you a happy Friday and she hopes your weekend is filled with plenty of fun and plenty of this activity:


Or this activity, which I’m not sure how to specifically describe:


Either way, have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “An Ode to Grapes…

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