My Roomie

…and fellow blogger of all things good and beautiful here at fitnesscrEATures.

I think you guys have met her.



She’s really pretty, right? And a great blogger. But I want you all to know my other half as well as I know her. You should know just how multi-faceted her personality is. And so it begins.

Sometimes she likes to get all gussied up, hittin’ da clubs in da ATL. You know how she do…



Ok, so that’s how I do, too. I gots to – it was her birthday!

Sometimes she’s condescendingly sweet…


The condescension is only for yours truly; she’s just plain sweet to everyone else. Ha.

Sometimes she’s thoroughly annoyed…


Again, this is all directed at me, guys. No, no, no, don’t be jealous.

Sometimes she’s soaking wet from a torrential down pour and really happy about a bowl of lettuce…



It is shredded, after all.

Sometimes she’s kinda creepy…

Creepy Cola Salad


Still shredded lettuce…hmm.

Sometimes she’s a happy girl…

Greek Yogurt Pop


But who doesn’t get happy about a greek yogurt pop? Who actually knew greek yogurt pops existed? That girl – that’s who.

Sometimes she’s a sad girl…

Sad Cola


Pi – ti – ful.

Sometimes she likes to drink…



You know her: Meghan the mimosa drinking pacifist. Naturally.

Sometimes she REALLY likes to drink…



Sweet moves, girl.

She has a pup, but sometimes she drawn to a random cat that she spots in the gym parking lot at 5 am…

Cat Collage


Future cat lady in the making, ladies and gentlemen. Do you see the sheer joy on that poor creature’s face? No, not the cat. She’s holding it like I would hold a child.

Sometimes she embraces our unique friendship…

Cola Collage

And sometimes it embraces her…



She’s also lying in that picture; she loves my warm embrace.

So, I’m glad that at least half of us talks about health and fitness. Well, look at it like this: I’m just trying to get you better acquainted with the woman giving you all your nutrition and fitness advice. I think that’s equally important. Ok, it’s not, but I showed pictures of at least two salads and there were at least two pictures of Meghan in work out clothes, which implies that she was going to partake in fitness activities of some sort. Right?

Glad you know Meghan a bit better now.

Best blog ever!


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