Runner’s Clubs Rant

Begin rant:

I love to run. I love other runners, even if they don’t wave at you as you pass them. I love the feeling of being outside and knocking out mile after mile. I love the runner’s high that comes along with running. Heck, I even like the silly fashion that goes along with running. However, last night, I learned that there is something I don’t like about running: running CLUBS.

Minding my own business and a little over two miles into my run, the senator and I were plugging along just swimmingly. Then, out of nowhere, a herd of people with all kinds of flashing lights (it was getting darker), reflectors and other obnoxious self lighting devices for visibility stampeded by me. I’m not talking a few people here – I’m thinking roughly 30 people on a tiny sidewalk. Maybe they couldn’t see me, maybe they could, but either way – some people ended up not moving and taking up the ENTIRE sidewalk, which in turn, caused me to partially run into a trash can/mail box combo. My phone and armband ripped off and fell to the ground and my headphones ripped out as well. When I pieced everything back together, my headphones weren’t working properly. I was pretty  upset – and honestly – almost cried. This run had been frustrating enough (my Garmin GPS watch wasn’t working properly and I was having a few other, let’s say, personal issues) and the last thing I needed was to be bombarded by a herd of runners who indirectly caused me to drop my phone and ruin my headphones.


End rant.

Remember how I said how much I like the runner’s high that I get from running? Yeah, that’s likely the only reason I pressed on to make it through a tough (mentally) seven miles.Screenshot_2013-02-07-09-58-15

It was a better run than Saturday’s seven miles and it was another personal best for this guy right here!

jack 4

He was really pulling through in the end – I could tell he was feeling the pain of the speed we were going. Good thing he’s a senator and can handle these kinds of pressures.

In other news, roasted Brussels sprouts continue to make appearances in my daily consumption!


Covered with some eggs over easy style and you have yourself a delicious and nutritious meal. 🙂 They are much too easy to make once they’re all shredded. They are almost as good, if not better, than hash browns!


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