9 am – 5 pm: A Corporate Lunch Lesson

In keeping with the theme of creative post titles, I welcome you to a riveting discussion about how to eat healthily while working a 9-5 day job. It’s an issue I’ve lost and won many fights with and I want to share with all of you 2.5 followers the conclusions I’ve come to.

1. Eating out is a no – no unless it’s a special occasion. I had to learn this the hard way working in downtown Atlanta with places like Subway, Checkers, Willy’s (my favorite), Moe’s and Chik-Fil-A everywhere. While convenient and branded as ‘healthy’, Subway should not be a go to meal everyday, especially when getting the combo is so cheap and easy. Hmmm – we’re suing over a missing inch? That cracks me up.

2. Fighting boredom at the desk with food is a tough habit to break. There’s nothing else I can say about this except I struggle with it more than I’d like to admit. While I’m not bored incessantly, munching is a fun activity. I’ve found that eating more filling foods during my meals prevent me from wanting to run to the convenient store for a package of nuts or something else:


I’m horrible, I know.

3. Packing lunches is the only option, for me. This entails a decent amount of preparation (grocery shopping, slicing & dicing, baking, sauteing, etc) but is well worth the efforts. I vary my lunches every week but they typically consist of a salad with plenty of toppings and fruit sides. For today – grapes, a banana, an apple, blueberries, salad with carrots, avocado and balsamic cucumbers, and for fun, a Lara bar. In hindsight, I have too much fruit today. I can’t control myself in a grocery store late at night with my co-blogger. I blame her (which is usually my answer to everything – it’s HER fault!).

Here’s how preparation usually goes in the MEGBEK <– haha household:

Balsamic Soaked Cucumbers:


Avocado Prep/Shenanigans: (where apparently REBEKAH thinks it’s cute to take numerous pictures of me doing more eating than prepping!)PicMonkey Collage55

I also let the mama sweet potato and the baby sweet potato spoon on our stove!20130205_231459

Mine is the larger one, duh.

And finally, I have a lunch that looks like this:20130206_112639

It’s yummy, filling, and healthy all at once – what else could you ask for?

So, you may now sleep easy tonight knowing how to be healthily responsible during your 9-5 workday. The main moral of the story is to plan out your meals so you’ll have no excuses when it comes to healthy eating.

I hate to say it again, but you are so welcome,


2 thoughts on “9 am – 5 pm: A Corporate Lunch Lesson

    • Seriously! Sun butter is the BEST! I have some today… Maybe I’ll photograph it just for you. Yes, yes, I have some of those containers and love them!! I’m using one today, actually! 🙂

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