Full House, Full Bellies

Did my title tell you enough about my post that I don’t actually have to write one? No? Shoot. Note to self: work on that.

This weekend I had a very full house.

Fullhouse5Lots of family and boyfriends. You can’t actually tell what any of them really look like, however, because the camera on my phone is from 1983. Surprisingly, it works perfectly for making the blog (that you share with someone else – sorry girl!) look like absolute crap.

We made lots of food while everyone was shackin’ up at our apartment.

FullhouseChicken, shrimp, mac n cheese, and veggies.

It was all really simple and super easy to cook. I essentially just tossed everything in some olive oil and added a bit of salt, pepper, and garlic powder. And! Everything was paleo (except the mac n cheese, which I did not eat).

Oh, you thought I was going to post an actual recipe…Um, why would you think that? Is it because of all the other recipes I haven’t been posting? Exaaaactly. Or (if you’d prefer an onomatopoeia) a-ha!


Fullhouse CollageThat’s how our dinner turned out. It was delicious but it was filling! Why do I have so many links in this post already?! It’s probably because I’m insecure with my writing and sense of humor, thus feeling as though I need to make it seem more appealing by adding outside sources that have already been deemed funny/interesting/accepted. What? No, this isn’t a therapy blog. Ahh, I get it. Mean.

Ready for the best picture of all time (but not really at all)??

Fullhouse6We’re the best at doing dumb things; we commit fully. I’ll at least give us that.

When we all woke up Sunday morning afternoon, I made us some paleo almond flour banana pancakes that I found on caloriecount.com. This recipe is one of the best I’ve found for paleo pancakes, which may or may not be my validation for making them four times this week already.

Ingredients: almond flour, bananas, eggs, nutmeg, cinnamon, baking powder, vanilla extract, and coconut oil (for the pan).

Almond Flour PancakesSpoiler: It’s an egg.

Almond Flour Pancakes CollagePure maple syrup to keep with the paleo theme. Publix chocolate chip cookies to not. Balance, people.

In conclusion to yet another belligerent, yet utterly pointless post by yours truly, I will leave you with this image:


I hope it haunts you.



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