Yummy Stir Fry Recipe

Look! Something relevant to the intent of the start of this blog – a healthy recipe for you to try! This recipe is 100% Paleo approved and 110% taste approved. I whipped this concoction up last night for my boyfriend after he killed it at Cross Fit. Ask me what I did to work out yesterday.

Oh, you hear crickets chirping?

I’ve been consumed with work and haven’t worked out all week. I look forward to a pleasant run this afternoon after so much time off. I’m dying a little inside.

Chicken Stir Fry over a BED OF LETTUCE20130131_215421

shredded carrots
sliced onions
sliced red pepper
sliced green pepper
sliced mushrooms
olive oil
Jane’s crazy mixed up salt
2 eggs
2-3 diced chicken breast
salad dressing
1 avocado

So, I eyeballed all of these things out (hence the lack of measurements, possibly deterring you from trying to recreate this) because I didn’t feel like measuring. First things first, I marinated the chicken in olive oil and Jane’s crazy mixed up salt for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator. See?


While that was in the refrigerator  I poured some olive oil into a pan and added the mushrooms, carrots, onions, peppers, and some Jane’s crazy mixed up salt.20130131_212511

I like my stir fry veggies to be cooked for a long time so I let these things cook on a medium temperature for about a half hour. Then I started the chicken (crappy picture):20130131_213947

Once those were close to ready, I added two eggs and scrambled them in and waited for them to be cooked thoroughly. 20130131_214850

The veggies turned out perfectly. Next up, assembly! I put some lettuce (your choice of kind) on a plate and added my stir fry mixture and a diced avocado. Someone seemed to think he was worthy of this delectable meal. Wrong, Senator, just incorrect on so many levels.


My dinner was ready upon drizzling my dressing on top! Let me tell you – this recipe was a winner. All the flavors really went well together and the seasoning salt was the perfect punch of flavor to make this dish really fun.20130131_215409

That’s my plate – it’s the vegetarian version of this dish. After about 40 minutes of work, my boyfriend and I sat down on our NEW dining room table, courtesy of the beautiful Rebekah to enjoy the creation. 20130131_215517

Give this a shot! There was no soy sauce or anything unhealthy – and it was really just a phenomenal dish. 🙂

You are so welcome,


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