Girls’ Cabin Trip

Because you all have missed fitnesscrEATures so much this week during our hiatus, we have decided to delight you with an extra long post about our extra lame lives and our extra sexy wives. That last part was a lie, we don’t have wives. But, we did collaborate (almost like husband and wife) to bring you this super juicy post.

Rebekah planned an adorable vacation with a bunch of fun and wonderful girls in a cabin in the north Georgia mountains. Even if she makes faces like this, she’s an excellent and thorough planner.


Mollie and I went to Costco before we departed last Friday to pick up some necessities – like cookies and s’mores (all the healthy things one needs for a vacation). I discovered that there is, after all, an answer to Popeye’s prayers:20130125_160735

You CAN buy spinach in LARGE, upper body torso sizes – at Costco! Please thank me later for sharing such valuable news with you.

The Bearly Inn – how adorable.Cabin8

When our car arrived at the Bearly Inn, two girls, Catherine and Jacque had already arrived and set out some goodies, including this giant cupcake cake!PicMonkey Collage

If I can’t convince you about the decadence that ensued with those pictures, here is another of the deliciousness. IMG_0075

Obviously I’m a sweets girl. After my focus shifted to other scrumptious things, the party really started. I hung out on the floor with the senator:Cabin6

While I was partaking in countless shenanigans, Rebekah was collecting evidence of our utter belligerence when it comes to our food stores.


We had lots of plans for our TWO days at this cabin: drink a lot, sit by the fire, get in the hot tub, go for a hike, feed a small third world country…The list goes on and on. Seriously. What the s**t were we thinking with all that food? Does anyone know what rations are?? Maybe we should practice that sort of system in the future. Although, a good 41% of what we brought was alcohol (except for the “Alcohol Removed” Champagne that Jacque brought – things got a little crazy when we opened up those bad boys), but that’s besides the point. What is the point, you ask? Here’s the point. Are you ready? You’re not? Ok, I’ll hold. Oh, you’re back? Ready now? Ok, wait. What were we talking about? I think I’m still a little drunk from last weekend. Moving on.

I partied with these beautiful women:


And these beautiful women:20130125_225145

And the rest of these beauties:Cabin12

And finally, one with the most difficult woman to photograph all weekend long:Cabin10

And, here they are again – with clothes on this time.


I absolutely adore each and every single one of these ladies and look forward to more getaways/girls nights with them in the NEAR future.

Aside from all the wonderful mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, and other drink concoctions, we also consumed plenty of delicious food – like chips and dip, skewers, grilled sandwiches, bagels, and eggs.PicMonkey Collage

The weekend was full of views like these:view1




And finally, the lovely Mollie!IMG_0070

The weekend was a memorable one – filled with precious moments and silly shenanigans. I can happily say it was one of my favorite vacations I’ve taken in a long time – mostly due to the company and the hot tub! 🙂

Before we go, there’s something you should be aware of. We had a bit of a – how do I say this? – Blog Fail? Yes – that’s it exactly. It happened in the mountains. Well, not really.


It happened at a Starbucks inside an Ingles that wasn’t even near a mountain. We had been in the cabin for all of 11 hours before we decided we reached our max time limit on the whole ‘seclude yourself from civilization’ thing. Naturally, after spotting a Starbucks, we flocked to it like a pack of rabid dogs in an abandoned pool, acting as if we’d been deprived of the bear necessities of life. (How many and which movies did I just quote in the previous sentence? Winner gets a hug from Meghan.) Also, is this an eatasmanycaloriesasyoupossiblycaninonevisittostarbucks blog? Or is this a healthy living blog? Because I’m beginning to convince myself that the former rings truer. At least we look like absolute crap are super pretty.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this beautiful sight:


And that’s exactly what it’ll look like on my bedroom wall.

So long, farewell. Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye. Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you. (Name THAT movie!)


A. Two

B. Anchor Man and The Jungle Book

C. The Sound of Music

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