Body Fat + Paleo Restaurant

At Cross Fit on Wednesday, I weighed in, officially, on a body fat test truck. I had to get down in my skivvies and go all the way underwater to attain an accurate BMI reading. Here’s how I came in:


I thought it would be a lot worse. I suppose running all those miles this year has really paid off for my body. I’m ranked in the 90th percentile and only need to lose five pounds to achieve the best possible health without being excessive. With that weight loss, though, comes a gain of muscle – so this is not some weight loss challenge. It’s a strength goal.

The WOD was incredibly tough and I can’t wait until six weeks from now when I do the same workout again and own it. 🙂 Check it out: 

Anyway, last night, my sweetheart and I went out to dinner (he’s doing the paleo challenge with me – in fact, he got me signed up for it because he won it at his gym last time!) to  Urban Pl8. It was fantastic to put ZERO thought into a meal and still have it be 100% paleo approved. It didn’t hurt to have amazing company, either!

To start, we ordered the paleo coconut shrimp with curried lime, chiles, tomato and kale.20130124_193424

The sauce was to die for! We couldn’t get enough. Those jalapenos added the perfect pop of flavor, too. I will definitely be getting this when I go back again.

I had the grilled glazed salmon with Brussels sprouts, roasted apples, and grilled Vidalia onions as my main course while my date enjoyed the Chipotle rubbed Angus hanger steak  with roasted sweet potatoes, grilled asparagus and pico de gallo. PicMonkey Collage33

When I saw that they even offered paelo desserts, I was the most excited I have been in a few days. My sweet tooth is beating me up right now so paleo style chocolate cake sounded great – and it absolutely was!20130124_200614

It deserves two pictures because it was SO good.20130124_200625

And let’s face it – anything that is sweet deserves extra special attention. It’s thrilling to realize that today is FRIDAY and a fun weekend is on the horizon! Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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