Chicken Stir Fry & A Morning View

So, Tuesday was game night at the MegBek household. (We don’t actually refer to ourselves as “MegBek.” That would be dumb.)

Gamenight(They’re playing Dominion. Check it out. By that, I mean you should go buy it on Amazon.)

Looks epic, right? Game night translates to this: Meghan’s friends come over to cook and play games while I watch from afar, wishing I was cool enough to play, and hoping that at any moment one of them will tag me in and I’ll play my heart out – palms sweaty and pacing – until I take my final turn FOR THE WIN…and I DO!!! And the crowd goes wild! Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, the underdog takes the win! The underdog takes the win! And everyone starts chanting “Ra-bek-cuh! Ra-bek-cuh! Ra-bek…” Turns out I sat in a corner all night.

While I was being shunned by the cool kids, I made myself a delicious chicken stir fry. Right now you’re thinkin’, “Hey! This is where you’re gonna tie in half of your blog post title! What a clever girlbekah you are!” And I’m thinkin’, “Hey (nods head in a super cool way). Thanks, man.”

First, I got all my ingredients together: zucchini, squash, shredded carrots, portobello mushrooms and free range chicken.

Stirfry1Then, naturally, I cooked them. In a pan. On medium heat. At the same time. You should do it, too. I think those instructions are extensive enough.


I used a conservative amount of salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and garlic powder to give the chicken some flavor, and added balsamic vinegar to the veggies. I didn’t really measure how much food I was cooking, but I made enough for a good two servings. I try to double my dinner recipes when possible so I can have the second serving for lunch the following day. It makes planning your meals much simpler, especially when your diet typically requires you to cook everything you eat. So if you can deal with the same meal two days in a row, you’ll save yourself some time and energy. Plus, your brain won’t hurt so bad from trying to be creative with tomorrow’s lunch. Sorry that this part is so boring; logic isn’t always revolutionary. I know. I’ve crushed your dreams.

I’ll make it up to you with these pretty pictures.

MorningviewThat’s the southeast view from our apartment as the sun is beginning to rise.


And that’s our northeast view of the city just before dawn.

I’ve never been one to enjoy watching the sun rise just for the heck of it, but that’s all I want to do now. I love that we have two such disparately beautiful views to enjoy each morning. And inevitably, our days get hectic and stressful in some form or fashion, so why wouldn’t you want to begin your day with something so pleasant and undisturbed? I just feel like there are plenty of things that are overrated in life. Allowing yourself a few moments of tranquility (in whichever way you choose to achieve it) is not one of them.

In order to appropriately end this post, I would like to ask a question: has this ever happened to you??


Weirdest crap ever. I think my egg was like, “Listen, you obviously can’t handle this whole cooking me thing, so I’m gonna go over here and chill till you can get it together.” Reminds me of an angry girlfriend. My advice: give it up. She’s in full pout mode: her arms are crossed, and she’s not coming back. And that’s how I feel about this rogue yolk.

What is the strangest food item you’ve ever compared your significant other to?


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